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Burning Babylon: Garden of Dub *

Track List

>Dub Tropic
>Into Twilight
>Creation I
>Fire in the East
>Dirt Weed
>Beneath the Valley
>Dance a Yard
>Rootical Iration
>Hammer & Irons
>Dub Positive
>Ashes of Babylon
>Mash Up the Dub
>Earth and Stone

Album Notes

Although this is the third commercial release from one-man dub factory Slade Anderson (who records under the name Burning Babylon), it actually consists of music that predates his previous two releases, 2004's Knives to the Treble and 2005's Stereo Mash Up. Garden of Dub consists of tracks he created in his rudimentary bedroom studio throughout 2001, when his equipment consisted of an old Fender Jazz bass, a cheap Mexican Stratocaster copy, an equally cheap keyboard, and a handful of old pedal and rack effects. He played everything himself, recording straight to an eight-track cassette deck. But as was the case with the legendary Black Ark studio in 1970s Kingston -- a studio also known for its bare-bones equipment -- Anderson's bedroom setup produced some absolutely wonderful instrumental reggae. The musical world lost something when the Kingston recording studios went digital, and some of that special quality is regained in these lo-fi but high-quality recordings: notice, for example, the insightful ways that Anderson deconstructs and then reconstructs the groove on "Into Twilight," or offsets the blocky one-drop beat of "Rootical Iration" with delicate wisps of shredded vocal, or spins melodic gold from the dirty straw of his crappy Yamaha keyboard on "Fire in the East." It just goes to show that it's the brain, not the equipment, that makes a musician. Very highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson


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