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Zombie Girl: Killer Queen

Track List

>Panic Attack
>Killer Queen
>Night Drive
>Kiss Kiss Kiss
>Pleasure Games
>Rave of the Dead
>Dead Inside
>Fascination Street
>Pleasure Victim
>Rave of the Dead [Pre: Emptive Strike 0.1 Mix] - (remix)
>Dead Inside [Aesthetische Mix] - (remix)
>Pleasure Games [Diabolic Art Mix] - (remix)
>Killer Queen [Hell: Sector Mix] - (remix)
>Killer Queen [LLUMEN Mix] - (remix)
>Pleasure Games [PAX SONO Mix] - (remix)
>Panic Attack [Simon Carter Clubbed Up Mix] - (remix)
>Thorazine [PSY'AVIAH Mix] - (remix)
>Panic Attack [Avarice in Audio Mix] - (remix)
>Rave of the Dead [EEXXEE Mix] - (remix)
>Dead Inside [Cardinal Noire Mix] - (remix)
>Panic Attack [Venal Flesh Mix] - (remix)
>Pleasure Games [Black Nail Cabaret Mix] - (remix)
>Killer Queen [Helalyn Flowers Mix] - (remix)
>Thorazine [Shades of Hell Mix] - (remix)
>Pleasure Games [Complex Mind Mix] - (remix)
>Dead Inside [Diffuzion Mix] - (remix)
>Panic Attack [Acylum Mix] - (remix)


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