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The Beach Boys: Beach Boys' Party! Uncovered and Unplugged [Deluxe]

Track List

>Hully Gully [Session 2]
>I Should Have Known Better [Session 3]
>Tell Me Why [Session 2]
>Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow [Session 3]
>Mountain of Love [Session 3]
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Session 5]
>Devoted to You [Session 3]
>Alley Oop [Session 3]
>There's No Other (Like My Baby) [Session 3]
>I Get Around/Little Deuce Coupe [Session 4]
>Times They Are a-Changin' [Session 5], The
>Barbara Ann [Session 5]
>Let's Get This Party Rolling [Session 2]
>I Should Have Known Better [Version 1]
>Ruby Baby [Version 1]
>(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [Version 1]
>Hully Gully [Version 1]
>Blowin' in the Wind
>Sunrays [Dialog], The
>Ruby Baby [Version 2]
>Masked Phantom [Dialog], The
>Hully Gully [Version 2]
>Carl, Go Get Your Bass [Dialog]
>Hully Gully [Version 3]
>(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [Version 2]
>That's a Bad Guitar [Dialog]
>Ruby Baby [Version 3]
>What's the Matter, Carl [Dialog]
>Ruby Baby [Version 4]
>Carl's Tires [Dialog]
>I Should've Known Better [Version 2]
>I Should've Known Better [Version 3]
>Wasn't That Great Folks? [Dialog]
>Tell Me Why [Version 1]
>Don't Worry Baby
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Version 1]
>Little Deuce Coupe [Version 1]
>California Girls
>She Belongs to Me/The Artist (Laugh at Me) [Version 1]
>Fooling Around: Hang on Sloopy/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Twist and Shout
>Riot in Cellblock No.9 [Version 1]
>Fooling Around: The Diary
>I Think We Better Do This Next Week [Dialog]
>Let's Cook Now and Eat Later [Dialog]
>Tell Me Why [Version 2]
>I Should Have Known Better [Version 4]
>What I Want to Do [Dialog]
>Are We Still in the Party? [Dilaog]
>Mountain of Love [Version 1]
>Where's Denny? [Dialog]
>Devoted to You [Version 1]
>What Are You Doing Now [Dialog]
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Version 2]
>This Phony Party [Dialog]/Ticket to Ride [Version 1]
>Alley Oop [Version 1]
>Alley Oop [Version 2]
>Tune It Like It Is [Dialog]
>There's No Other (Like My Baby) [Version 1]
>There's No Other (Like My Baby) [Version 2]
>Do the Splits [Dialog]
>Devoted to You [Version 2]
>Devoted to You [Version 3]
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Version 3]
>I Get Around
>Little Deuce Coupe [Version 2]
>Mountain of Love [Version 2]
>Ticket to Ride [Version 2]
>Riot in Cell Block No. 9 [Version 2]
>Artist, The (Laugh at Me) [Version 2]
>One Kiss Led to Another
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Version 4]
>You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Version 5]
>What Did You Stop Us for Chuck? [Dialog]
>Times They Are a-Changin', The
>Fooling Around: Heart and Soul/Long Tall Sally
>Foooling Around: The Boy From New York City
>Smokey Joe's Café
>I Got One More [Dialog]
>Barbara Ann [Version 1]
>Barbara Ann [Version 2]
>Barbara Ann [Version 3]

Album Notes

Beach Boys: Brian Wilson (vocals, soprano saxophone); Mike Love (vocals, alto saxophone); Carl Wilson, Alan Jardine, Dennis Wilson (vocals).

Available on the 2-fer BEACH BOYS PARTY!/STACK-O-TRACKS.

Personnel: Al Jardine, Carl Wilson (vocals, acoustic 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar); Dennis Wilson (vocals, harmonica, bongos, castanets); Brian Wilson (vocals, piano, bongos); Bruce Johnston (vocals, electric bass); Marilyn Wilson, Mike Love (vocals); Steve Korthoff (bongos, tambourine); Hal Blaine, Ray Avery (bongos); Terry Wilson , Ron Swallow (tambourine).

Audio Mixer: Mark Linett.

Liner Note Authors: Craig Slowinski; Alan Boyd; Mark Linett.

Recording information: Western Recorders-Studios (1965-08-03_1965-08-02&1965-).

Editor: Mark Linett.

Underneath its novelty record disguise, this innovative production is one of the best early Beach Boys sessions--spontaneous (by definition) but musical, well-sung and well "staged." Except for a medley of "I Get Around/ Little Deuce Coupe," all the tunes are covers, some contemporary (Dylan, Beatles), others by such Beach Boys forebears as the Everly Brothers and the Regents (whose "Barbara Ann" provided the Boys with a Top-10 hit). They seem to have had a special affinity for the Rivingtons' wild "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow," since it also appears on the previous BEACH BOYS CONCERT. A favorite, however, is Johnny Rivers' "Mountain Of Love," complete with reedy harmonica bursts, a sly nod to a fellow purveyor of fake party albums of the '60s.


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