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Golden Earring: 50 Years Anniversary Album

Track List

>Please Go
>That Day
>If You Leave Me
>Daddy Buy Me a Girl
>Don't Run Too Far
>In My House
>Sound of the Screaming Day
>Together We Live Together We Love
>I've Just Lost Somebody
>Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart
>Where Will I Be
>Another 45 Miles
>Back Home
>Holy Holy Life
>She Flies on Strange Wings
>Buddy Joe
>Stand by Me
>Radar Love
>Instant Poetry
>Kill Me (Ce Soir)
>To the Hilt
>Just Like Vince Taylor [Live]
>Movin' Down Life
>Weekend Love
>I Do Rock'n Roll
>Long Blond Animal
>No for an Answer
>Slow Down [Live]
>Twilight Zone
>Devil Made Me Do It, The
>When the Lady Smiles
>Clear Night, Moonlight
>Something Heavy Going Down
>Quiet Eyes
>Why Do I
>My Killer, My Shadow
>Turn the World Around
>Going to the Run
>Temporary Madness
>I Can't Sleep Without You [Live]
>As Long as the Wind Blows
>Hold Me Now
>Burning Stuntman
>Paradise in Distress
>Albino Moon
>Still Got the Keys to My First Cadillac
>Twilight Zone (Intro)
>I'll Make It All Up to You
>Enough Is Enough
>Mission Impossible
>When the Lady Smiles
>Long Blond Animal
>Devil Made Me Do It, The
>Radar Love
>Twilight Zone
>Twilight Zone (Outro)
>Twilight Zone [Dick Maas Video]
>When the Lady Smiles [Dick Maas Video]
>Clear Night Moonlight [Dick Maas Video]
>Turn the World Around [Dick Maas Video]


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