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Urban Dance Squad: Mental Floss for the Globe

Album Reviews:

Rolling Stone (11/1/90) - "..adds a global element to...the mixture of hard rock and funk...reflects the rapid cultural exchange and friction taking place all over Europe.."

(11-12/90) - "..Incredible variety as rap is cross bred with every other sub mutated musical genre you can dream of. The end result is an amazing `danceable' album which truly sounds like nothing you've heard before. Folk-rock and punk! This is really interesting."

Album Notes

Includes a bonus live disc from the MENTAL FLOSS FOR THE GLOBE tour.

Urban Dance Squad: DNA (Special EFX, turntables, backing vocals); Rude Boy (vocals); Tres Manos (guitar); Silly Sil (bass); Magic Stick (drums).

The 1990 debut of Urban Dance Squad revealed a band smashing the boundaries between rock, funk, punk, metal, and hip-hop. "Fast Lane" leads the program with a blistering groove powered by chugging guitar and sampled horns. Later, "Brainstorm on the U.D.S." alternates rap verses with a punky shoutalong chorus, while "The Devil" borrows a murky string bassline and greasy slide guitar from the Tom Waits bag. Rudeboy never really sings; rather, he raps or -- when the song demands it -- sort of chants along in a singsong cadence. But for a non-singer he has a great voice, one that comes from the chest but has a sharp enough edge to cut through the mix. Also notable are polymath guitarist Tres Manos and the unbelievably funky bass of Silly Sil. ~ Rick Anderson


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