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Bob Dylan: Press Conferences [Slipcase]

Track List

>San Francisco Press Conference: December 3, 1965
>Los Angeles Press Conference: December 16, 1965, The
>Martin Bronstein Interview, Montreal: February 20, 1966
>Love & Theft
>Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and the Blues
>Love & Theft and Production
>Po' Boy and Audiences
>Love & Theft and Arrangements
>World of Fear and Feelings, A
>On Writing and Concerts
>Neverending Tour and Mortality, The
>I'm a Spokesman for a Generation
>Stage Clothing
>60th Birthday Celebrations
>Winning Awards
>Dealing With Fame
>Music Chose Me
>Ever Since I Set My Suitcase Down
>Do You Enjoy Life?
>React to the Times
>Backing Band, The
>How Long Will You Continue?
>I Feel I Could Get Better
>Making Choices
>Poetry and Writing
>Dylan and the Internet
>Romans and Reading the Bible, The
>Music and Elvis
>Love & Theft Songs Live
>Hardcore Fans and Biographers
>On Tarantula and Writing Books
>Surrendering Ambitions
>Being Someone Else
>Not Everyone Has a Purpose in Life
>I Don't Listen to My Own Albums
>On Recording
>Now I'm Gonna Go See the Coliseum


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