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St. Petersburg Instrumental Ensemble/Eduard Kolmanovskij: Discover Music From Russia With ARC Music

Track List

>U vseh muzhya Molodie
>Step da Step
>In a Dark Wood
>Hey You, Horses!
>Naigrysh na Kaliukakh
>About Stupidity
>V sadu Li
>Poliushko Polye
>Karoshi Bublitchki
>Nane Tsokha
>Vecheri Tvoeya
>Old Carousel
>Manchurian Waltz
>About Fate
>Vecernij Zvon
>Vladimirskii Rojok
>Kaljá Maigó Zérama

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

An overview of the massive spread of what can be called Russian traditional music in all of its manifestations from Orthodox choral music, the rhythmic balalaikas, passionate Gypsy and Cossack songs to a cappella choirs, this collection unveils the grand musical landscape of the Russia that spans 11 time zones with a multiplicity of cultures.

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Diz Heller.


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