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jennylee: Right On! [Slipcase]

Track List

>Boom Boom
>Long Lonely Winter
>He Fresh
>White Devil
>Real Life

Album Reviews:

NME (Magazine) - "[I]t has a very particular vibe....Lindberg and her bandmates have always dealt in a currency of distant, unknowable cool -- why throw open the doors at this point?"

Pitchfork (Website) - "Where RIGHT ON! sticks its landings -- which it does more often than it falters -- is in the moments where Lindberg's bass work drives her songwriting."

Album Notes

Audio Mixer: Norm Block.

Photographer: Mia Kirby.

When members of distinctive-sounding bands step out on their own, they risk sounding too much like their main projects, or trying too hard to sound different. Fortunately, Warpaint's Jenny Lee Lindberg -- billed here as jennylee -- strikes a good balance between familiar and unique on Right On!, a set of songs that puts the spotlight on various aspects of her music in an intimate setting. Working with co-producer Norm Block, her Warpaint bandmate Stella Mozgawa, and Dan Elkan (who has also collaborated with Broken Bells and Them Hills), Lindberg imbues the album with a late-night spareness full of spaces and silences that allow dreams and memories to bloom. While songs such as the folky closing track "real life" make the bones of her songwriting more apparent than they would be on a Warpaint album, Lindberg's signature haze is present throughout Right On! The winding psych of "blind" is earthier here than it would be with her other band, and sensuality is front and center on "he fresh" and "boom boom" in ways that sound raw and fresh. This direct, kinetic approach shines on more driven moments like "never"'s post-punk-pop and "riot," a teeth-bared rocker that rivals the density of Warpaint's most intense tracks. As on her other project's music, Right On! is most intriguing when Lindberg swirls sounds and emotions into unexpected new forms. Her cooed threats on "bully" ("you'd better run away and get out of my face") and the anger bubbling just under the pretty surface of "offerings" are challenging, ambiguous, and deserving of close listening. Occasionally, Right On!'s stripped-down sonics are too restrained for their own good -- "white devil" doesn't have the fuel it needs to truly ignite -- but more often than not, the album offers a welcome glimpse of Lindberg on her own. ~ Heather Phares


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