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Intersystems: Intersystems [Box]

Track List

>Orange Juice & Velvet Underwear
>Just Outside of Lyons
>Mother of Inconsequential Bbies
>In a One Roomed House in the Woods
>This is a Dictum Against..
>I've Got This Town, This Town Has Got Me
>Lately There Has Been a New Spring
>Tired Bells
>Vox 3/13/67
>Experienced, Not Watched
>Carelessly Draped in Black
>Cave in the Country, A
>Shower for Someone Else, A
>There Can only Be Noise Between Us
>Let's Go Get Them Guns
>So They Took the Guns
>Friends Laughed at Him
>There are No Human Voices
>Morelli at the Moment of Electrocution
>Fancy Took Them
>From the Game to Pluck
>Mirror Maze [Gordy & Renée]
>Red Strobe, Green Strobe (They Get Married)
>Blue Strobe (They Had a Child)
>White Strobe
>Changing Colours ( They Go for a Walk)
>Floating Room (Money, the Life Giving Rays of the Sun)
>Pastoral (Long Dead Images Reawaken)
>Fog Room (A Nameless Fear)
>Kaleidoscope (Sweet Impossible Dreams)
>Confettl Room (Gordy, Don't Put Me Down)

Album Notes

Audio Remasterers: William Blakeney; John Mills-Cockell.


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