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Monster Magnet: Dopes to Infinity [Deluxe Edition]

Album Reviews:

Entertainment Weekly (3/24/95, p.64) - "...Monster Magnet's fourth album is the mother lode for those who crave maximum psychedelic overload. Jammed with leftover Black Sabbath riffs, Butthole Surfers-style bombast, and pseudo-comic hokum, DOPES is simultaneously sublime and ridiculous..."

- Rating: A-

Option (9-10/95, p.122) - "...Other bands...have done this kind of mind bending mania well, but in the '90s, Monster Magnet has a corner on the market--and they do it with an accesibility that their forefathers lacked. If this quartet had existed 30 years ago, maybe the revolution really would have happened..."

Album Notes

Monster Magnet: Dave Wyndorf (vocals, guitar, bass, Mellotron, Theremin, organ, percussion, bells); Ed Mundell (guitar, bass, background vocals); Joe Calandra (bass, guitar, background vocals); Jon Kleiman (drums, percussion, bass, background vocals).

Additional personnel: Tim Cronin (percussion).

Recorded at The Magic Shop and Electric Lady Studios, New York.

All songs written or co-written by Dave Wyndorf.

DOPES TO INFINITY includes an unlisted multimedia video clip.

Traveling within the same musical sphere as Soundgarden and White Zombie, Monster Magnet's DOPES TO INFINITY is awash in thunderous rhythms and pounding chords. While Black Sabbath is an easy reference point, Monster Magnet counts this highly influential group as but one ingredient in their heavy soup. Doom and gloom are more condiments than main course, although they're the crux behind songs like "Ego, The Living Planet," on which Dave Wyndorf's disembowled howling and Ed Mundell's bombed-out, fuzz guitar are the soundtrack to Dante's descent.

Wyndorf, Monster Magnet's conceptual visionary, is an architect of sound whose tools include odd instruments like Mellotron and theremin. He uses them to paste together noises that hint at a love of the bizarre. Swirling, sitar-like waves of sound coil around the core of the appropriately named "Vertigo," while the guitar solo in "King Of Mars" includes scratchy blips that bring to mind an interplanetary transmission gone bad. "All Friends And Kingdom Come," an acid-drenched piece of hypnotic psychedelia, speaks of mushroom clouds and futuristic prophecies.

Monster Magnet's skill in the recording studio, coupled with a limitless imagination, makes DOPES TO INFINITY a one-way trip to Bizarro World.


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