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Rumi: Like This Hear Rumi's Work by International Poets Jack Hirschman [Slipcase]

Track List

>3090-Forget the World, and So
>2061-Give Yourself a Kiss.
>1888-There Is Some Kiss We Want
>2039-Go to Your Pillow and Sleep, My Son.
>314- Those Who Don't Feel This Love
>393-Stay Together, Friends
>1373-I Was Dead, Then Alive.
>1826-If Anyone Asks You
>824-Whose Idea Was This,
>1047-When Its Cold and Raining
>3050-The Lord of Beauty Enters the Soul
>1957-An Intellectual Is All the Time Showing Off
>2625-Sciecne and Theology Would Be Just Whims of the Wind,
>1620-There Is a Passion in Me
>2707-Where Are Those Who Died Serving God
>1837-I Wish I Knew What You Wanted
>2006-Jasmine Comes Up Where You Step
>940-Love Has Taken Away My Practices
>1615-I May Be Clapping My Hands,
>1590-There Is a Sun-Star Rising
>1910-Notice How Each Particle Moves.
>1092-This Is the Night of Union
>1304-No More Wine for Me!
>911-On the Day I Die, When I'm Being


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