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The Residents: Gingerbread Man

Track List

>Weaver, The
>Dying Oilman, The
>Confused Transexual, The
>Sold-Out Artist, The
>Ascetic, The
>Old Soldier, The
>Aging Musician, The
>Butcher, The
>Old Woman, The
>Ginger's Lament
>Gingerbread Man [Concentrate], The
>Gingerbread Man [Instrumental], The

Album Notes

GINGERBREAD MAN is an interactive CD-ROM and full-length album on one CD. Placed into a CD-ROM drive, this disc will play the interactive Expanded Album version of GINGERBREAD MAN. In a standard audio CD player, this disc will play the complete music album. Track 1 is the CD-ROM file for the interactive version. The audio-only version is contained on tracks 2-11.

A standard CD version of GINGERBREAD MAN is available on East Side Digital Records [21561 8107].

Personnel includes: The Residents, Laurie Amat, Diana Alden, Todd Rundgren, Molly Harvey, Isabelle Barbier (spoken vocals).

Producers: The Cryptic Corporation, Ion.

CD-ROM engineers: Bill Schulze, Roger Jones, Ty Roberts, Pat Knoff, David Latham.

An interactive CD-ROM version of GINGERBREAD MAN is available for PCs on Ion [6896 40068] and for Macintosh systems on Ion [6896 40006].

Photographer: Henrik Kam.

GINGERBREAD MAN was The Resident's first foray into the world of enhanced CDs and was released in both this music-only CD version, as well as an interactive CD-ROM. The songs are portraits of a range of disaffected fringe characters--an old soldier, an aging musician, a weaver, a dying oilman, and more. One melodic figure ties all the vignettes together and a series of guest singers give voice to the characters (Todd Rundgren appears as the aging musician). The approach is similar to what the band did on FREAKSHOW. Again, these are characters that skirt the mainstream and, appropriately, they mirror The Residents' own history and circumstances. By turns disturbing and alluring, GINGERBREAD MAN could only have been realized by this ensemble.


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