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Rhino Bucket: Rhino Bucket

Album Notes

This is basically the album AC/DC never got to make with deceased singer (and rock'n'roll God) Bon Scott. Rhino Bucket's self titled debut is a celebration of their heroes' sex'n'booze-fueled three-chord mayhem, and singer Georg Dolivo's nasal growl is a dead-ringer for the above-mentioned Scott. Which brings us to the inevitable question..."Is this a good record?", to which the answer is a resounding yes. Seeing as the band is perfectly open about the source of their influence, both casual listeners and avowed AC/DC fanatics can enjoy the record for it's obvious musical merits. The opening riff to "One Night Stand" alone is worth the price of admission, but stay tuned for other gems like "Beg For Your Love," "Blood On The Cross" and "Inside/Ouside." In fact, the band only breaks away slightly from the AC/DC blueprint for the frenetic closer "Ride The Rhino." ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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