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D.I.T.C.: The Remix Project *

Track List

>We All [Alchemist Remix] - (remix, featuring A.G./O.C.)
>Enemy [Bink Remix] - (remix, featuring Fat Joe/Big L)
>All Love [Apollo Brown Remix] - (remix, featuring Fat Joe/A.G./Lord Finesse/Big L)
>Thick [Lord Finesse Remix] - (remix, featuring A.G./O.C./Big L)
>Best Behavior [Showbiz Remix No.1] - (remix, featuring Fat Joe/Big Pun)
>Diggin' in the Crates [DJ Premier Remix] - (remix, featuring Diamond D/A.G./Lord Finesse/Showbiz)
>Casualties of a Dice Game [Buckwild Remix] - (remix, featuring Big L)
>Time to Get That Money [9th Wonder Remix] - (remix, featuring Diamond D/A.G./O.C.)
>Internationally Known [Diamond D Remix] - (remix, featuring Fat Joe/O.C./Big L)
>Way of Life [Marco Polo Remix] - (remix, featuring Party Arty/Fat Joe/Showbiz/Big L)
>Drop It Heavy [Buckwild Remix] - (remix, featuring A.G./KRS-One/Big Pun)
>Foundation [O.Gee Remix] - (remix, featuring Diamond D/A.G./Lord Finesse/O.C.)
>Best Behavior [Remix Showbiz No.2] - (remix, featuring Fat Joe/Big Pun)
>Casualties of a Dice Game [9th Wonder Remix] - (remix, featuring Big L)
>We All [Alchemist Remix] - (remix)
>Enemy [Bink Instrumental Remix], Da - (remix)
>All Love [Apollo Brown Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Thick [Lord Finesse Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Best Behavior [Showbiz Remix Instrumental No.1] - (remix)
>Diggin' in the Crates [DJ Premier Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Casualties of a Dice Game [Buckwild Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Time to Get That Money [9th Wonder Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Internationally Known [Diamond D Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Way of Life [Marco Polo Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Drop It Heavy [Buckwild Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Foundation [O.Gee Instrumental Remix] - (remix)
>Best Behavior [Remix Showbiz Instrumental No.2] - (remix)
>Casualties of a Dice Game [9th Wonder Instrumental Remix] - (remix)


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