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Various Artists: Symphonic & Opera Metal, Vol. 2

Track List

>Mystery of a Blood Red Rose - Avantasia
>Let Us Burn - Within Temptation
>Serpent - Sirenia
>Hell to the Heavens - Leaves' Eyes
>Voyage of the Fallen - Xandria
>Anahata - Luca Turilli's Rhapsody
>Walk Away - We Should/Melody Dylem
>Fallen Star - Kamelot
>Heart of a Warrior - Freedom Call
>Sing to Me - Delain
>Crossroads - Imperia
>Keep It in the Dark - Fair Warning
>Closure - Damnation Angels
>Hear Me - Anette Olzon
>Symphony No. 1, Pt. 1, the Witchcraft - Amberian Dawn
>Enter Dreamscape - Phantasma
>Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
>Greatest Love, The (Storm Vision) - The Gentle Storm
>My Eternal Dream - Stratovarius
>Army of the Night - Powerwolf
>Stellar Tombs - Draconian
>Stronghold of Angels - Liv Kristine - (featuring Doro Pech)
>Evil Roots - Dark Sarah - (featuring Inga Scharf)
>Legend of the Astral Hammer - Gloryhammer
>Alight a New Tomorrow - Edenbridge
>Autumn Child (In My Dreams) - Coronatus
>New Era - Setanera
>Save the World - Leah
>Glad to Be Dead - Vlad in Tears
>Judgement Day - Blackwelder
>Only Your Soul - Asylum Pyre
>Enlighten - Sleeping Romance


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