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Seth Bogart: Seth Bogart [Slipcase]

Track List

>Hollywood Squares
>Eating Makeup - (featuring Kathleen Hanna)
>Forgotten Fantazy
>Smash the TV
>Lubed - (featuring Jeremiah Nadya)
>Club With Me
>Supermarket Supermodel - (featuring Chela)
>Flurt - (featuring Chela)
>Nina Hagen-Daaz - (featuring Clementine Creevy)
>Barely 21 - (featuring Tavi Gevinson)
>Sunday Boy

Album Notes

Personnel: Clementine Creevy (vocals, guitar); Johnny Black, Kathleen Hanna, Tavi Gevinson, Chela, Jeremiah Nadya (vocals); Shags Chamberlain (synthesizer).

Photographers: Suzy Poling; Michelle Grace Hunder.

Seth Bogart is better known by fans of rip-roaring garage punk as Hunx, as in Hunx & His Punx, a group responsible for a bunch of killer singles and two albums in the 2010s. He also released a record as just Hunx, which was a touch more introspective than the Punx albums. One might think that by stepping out from behind the Hunx name and making an album as himself, Bogart may have made the final step into making mature, forthright singer/songwriter music. Wrong! Seth Bogart is even goofier, looser, and more fun than any record he made as Hunx. Forgoing the glammed-up garage punk in favor of a sparkly electro-pop sound made on cheap keyboards, Bogart and a bunch of his friends have made a party album plain and simple. A party with a few moments of introspection, but a party still the same. Bubbling beats, shimmering synths, silly songs about sex and dancing, with Bogart presiding over the proceedings with the gleeful air of a guy having the time of his life. He treats his vocals with Auto-Tune, and speeds them up and compresses them into a squeaky whine, with guests like Kathleen Hanna, Tavi Gevinson, and Chela providing some nice balance. The songs are as strong as anything he's done in the past. He proves just as good at slinky disco ("Supermarket Supermodel") as he is at '50s pastiches, as sly and sassy on the plastic R&B ballad ("Lubed") as he is on rollicking garage rockers. His light and frothy approach translates easily to this ready-made pop sound, making it the most enjoyable album he's done yet. The few moments when he brings the lights down a little and gets moody, like on the late-night synth pop-influenced "Forgotten Fantazy" or the album-ending "Sunday Boy," show he's not a one-dimensional party animal and they give the record a little bit of gravity. Just a little though; mostly it's a Technicolor explosion of pop silliness and sneaky-sharp, hook-filled bubblegum. It's not quite Hunx and it's definitely not punk, but Seth Bogart is a blast. ~ Tim Sendra


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