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Various Artists: It Was Mighty [Digipak]

Track List

>Jolly Tinker, The
>Bonnie Kate
>Boys of Ballisadare, The
>Copperplate, The
>Paddy Taylor's
>Cabin Hunter, The
>With Kitty I'll Go
>Pat Hanley's No. 1/Pat Hanley's No. 2
>Nan Landers
>Nan Landers
>Wild Irishman/The College Grove/Jenny Picking Cockles, The
>Danny McNiff's/Farewell to Whiskey
>Streams in the Valley, The
>Beauty Spot, The
>Poll Harpenny
>Brian O'Lynn/The Maid in the Meadow
>Girl That Broke My Heart/Dick Cosgrove, The
>Copperplate/The Bunch of Keys, The
>St. Ruth's Bush/Paddy Kelly's Favourite
>Wallop the Spot/The Tongs by the Fire
>Red-Haired Boy, The
>Cliffs of Moher, The
>Cuckoo's Nest, The
>Tralee Gaol
>Pipe on the Hob, The
>Munster Buttermilk
>West Wind/Sean Reid's Fancy, The
>Humours of Scarriff, The
>Galway Rambler/The London Lasses, The
>Rose in the Heather/The Gold Ring/The Maid on the Green/Saddle the Pony, The
>Boys of the Lough, The
>Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen, The
>When We Were Drinking
>Old Bush/The Chicago, The
>Chicago/The Green Fields of America, The
>Limerick Lasses/Come West Along the Road
>Cregg's Pipes
>Farrell Gara
>Miss McLeod's
>Red-Haired Lad, The
>Orange Rogue, The
>Rodney's Glory
>Green Grow the Rushes O
>Katie's Reel
>Christmas Eve
>Belfast, The
>Put the Cake on the Dresser
>Strayaway Child, The
>Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
>Big Pat
>Molloy's Wife
>Clay of Kilcreggan, The
>Ace and Deuce of Piping, The
>Paddy O'Rafferty/The Sixpenny Money
>Sean sa Ceo
>Frieze Britches, The
>Flax in Bloom, The
>Salamanca/The Yellow Tinker, The
>Newport Lass, The
>Flogging, The
>Kid on the Mountain, The
>Lady on the Island, The
>Maud Miller
>Mountain Pathway, The
>Galway Rambler, The
>Bunch of Keys/The Star of Munster, The
>Mulhaire's/Father Kelly's
>Concert Reel, The
>Dublin, The
>Duke of Leinster & his Missus, The
>College Grove, The
>Kitty in the Lane
>Rookery/The Cliffs of Moher, The
>Night in Ennis/The Maid behind the Bar
>Paddy Ryan's Dream/Mamma's Pet
>Galway Rambler/The London Lasses, The
>Old Bush/The Galty, The
>Speed the Plough
>Bucks of Oranmore, The
>Star of Munster, The
>Laurel Tree, The
>Miners of Wicklow/Paddy Taylor's, The
>Garrett Barry's Favourite/The Luckpenny
>Eel in the Sink, The
>Sean sa Ceo/Come West Along the Road
>Congress/The Bag of Spuds, The
>Dinny O'Brien/Farewell to Connacht
>Tommy Potts
>Maud Miller
>New Custom House, The
>I'm Waiting for You & the Bag of Spuds
>Carmel O'Mahony
>Boys of the Town/We Drink and Kiss the Ladies, The
>Scotch Mary
>Stoney Steps, The
>Bill Black's/O'Byrne's
>Old Hag, You Have Killed Me/Old Tipperary
>Father Kelly's
>Little Thatched Cottage/Down the Strand, The
>Sporting Paddy
>Cregg's Pipes
>Imelda Roland's
>Colonel Roger's/Happy Days of Youth
>Friendly Visit/The Cuckoo, The
>Merry Harriers/The Hut in the Bog, The

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Reg Hall .


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