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Anger as Art: Ad Mortem Festinamus

Track List

>Demon's Kiss
>Horseman Arrives, The
>That's How It Is
>Jane Jane (The Hurricane)
>Somewhere in the Night
>Blind Faith
>Manic Depresso
>Mr Cool
>Myth of Freedom
>Touching Myself Again
>Little Old Lady Polka
>Bad Channels Overture
>Power Station
>Power Station II
>Cosmo Rules, But Lump Controls
>Battering Ram
>This Dude is F****D
>Pick Her Up
>Spray That Scumbag
>Out of Station
>Tree Full of Owls
>Cookie in a Bottle
>Corky Gets It
>Eulogy for Corky
>Spore Bomb
>Ginger Snaps
>Moon Gets It


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