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Various Artists: Folklore: An Anglo Saxon Tribe of Acoustic Troubadours Recorded Between 1965-1973

Track List

>Wooden Horses - Wooden Horse
>Lady of Carlisle - Marian Henderson
>Tales of Jasmine and Suicide - The Sun Also Rises
>You I Don't Want to Share - Dave Robin
>Wilhelmina Before Sunrise - Gothic Horizon
>Misty Mountain Lady - Gaberlunzie
>This Song Is Green - Billy Nicholls
>One Month in Tuesday - Dave Morgan
>New Places, Old Faces - Skid Row
>Thoughts - Gothic Horizon
>Your Lovely Ways - Mike Cooper
>Broken Web - Cobweb
>Love Is a Funny Sort of Thing - Westwind
>Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Janie Grote
>Typewriter and Guitar - Wooden Horse
>Stories From the Wishing Well - Berry Cornish
>She's Far Away - Foggy
>7 O'Clock Hymn - Magna Carta
>Antique Annie's Magic Lantern Show - Marian Henderson
>Land of the Pennine God - Mike Donald


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