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Spazz: Sweatin, Vol. 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon

Track List

>Typical Hardcore Song
>Angel Crisp
>Old Youth
>Prayer for Complete and Utter Eradication of All Generic Pop-Punk, A
>Satan's Scrilla
>Socal Battle Royale
>Gilman 90210
>Short Songs
>Hey Bob, What's Up?
>Crop Circles
>Gas X
>Jean Claude Bland Dan in a Steel Cage
>War in the Head
>Elder Mutant Stomp
>Sanrio Soldier
>Connie the Mack
>Plastic Grandma Cackling at the Frozen Lemonade Fishbowl, Baby
>Bastard Tomb Ride
>Beattie and the Beat
>Sir Wax a Lot
>Billy Pepper's Fist in the Glass Eye of Jake Phelps
>Skatin' and Satan Go Hand in Hoof
>B-Street Butta
>Town Center
>Crazy Eddie
>Bolleri Mosh
>AHM Solo
>On Parade
>Stabbed in the Back
>Rat Pack
>Union Made Mayhem
>Finn's Mom Yodeling in the Bathtub
>Dorsal Finn
>Huckleberry Finn
>Finn Pickins
>Rin Tin Finn
>And You Thought We Were Kidding
>Where's Winky
>Mega Armageddon Death, Pt.4
>Leather Punx
>Timothen's Answering Machine
>You Suffer
>Pray to the Windgod
>Billy Milano's Head
>Camp Chestnut, Pt. 2: Project House
>No Neck Joe
>Wooden Shoes
>Your Very Own Comp Song
>It's Up to You
>Droppin' Many Ravers
>One Ghetto to the Next
>Climate Test
>Dan Lifting Banner
>Redenbacher's Orgy of Pain, Fear and Pestilence
>Gummo Love Theme
>Dan Lifting Banner
>Caught in the Net
>7 Deadly Finns
>White Glove Test
>Animal Liberation Now


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