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Bronze (San Francisco): Live in San Francisco *

Track List

>Angle, The
>Re Enactment
>Golden Handcuffs
>Showdown of Sorts

Album Notes

Following three studio albums and a handful of singles, San Francisco trio Bronze documented their ferocious live show with an installment of Castle Face's Live in San Francisco album series. The threesome construct danceable post-punk without the use of guitars, but they clearly have the energy of a rock group, and they fit in perfectly with Castle Face's roster of psychedelic garage bands. Brian Hock's versatile, steady yet splashy drumming frames the electronic oscillations by Miles Friction, which seem to cover several bases. At any given time, Friction's machines are emitting drifting melodic waves, spitting out cacophonous noise, and even playing Jah Wobble-esque dubby post-punk basslines. On top of all this, Robert Spector crows out echo-covered stream-of-consciousness lyrics with a voice sounding halfway between the B-52s' Fred Schneider and Silver Apples' Simeon. He sounds possessed on the deadly "Maniac," in which he barks over harsh sheets of feedback. "The Angle" has a bit more of an industrial/EBM tinge to its sequenced electronic bassline, and it sounds like a cybernetic incarnation of Liquid Liquid. "Re Enactment" is the album's shortest and most direct song, with wailing feedback over a simmering synth bassline and a concise, measured song structure; unsurprisingly, it's the most memorable song here, by far. "Played" and "Golden Handcuffs" have the album's deepest basslines, and the latter drifts off into This Heat-inspired territory. One gets the feeling that both the band and the audience are exasperated yet excited at the end of the set. ~ Paul Simpson


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