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Molly Hatchet: Original Album Classics, Vol. 2

Track List

>Bounty Hunter [Album Version]
>Gator Country [Album Version]
>Big Apple [Album Version]
>Creeper [Bonus Track], The
>Price You Pay [Album Version], The
>Dreams I'll Never See [Album Version]
>I'll Be Running [Album Version]
>Cheatin' Woman [Album Version]
>Trust Your Old Friend [Album Version]
>Whiskey Man [Album Version]
>It's All Over Now [Album Version]
>One Man's Pleasure [Album Version]
>Jukin' City [Album Version]
>Boogie No More [Album Version]
>Flirtin' With Disaster
>Good Rockin' [Album Version]
>Gunsmoke [Album Version]
>Long Time [Album Version]
>Let the Good Times Roll
>Silver and Sorrow [Demo/Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased)
>Flirtin' With Disaster [Live/Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased)
>One Man's Pleasure [Live/Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased)
>Cross Road Blues [Live/Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased)
>Beatin' the Odds [Album Version]
>Double Talker [Album Version]
>Rambler, The
>Sailor [Album Version]
>Dead and Gone [Album Version]
>Few and Far Between [Album Version]
>Penthouse Pauper [Album Version]
>Get Her Back [Album Version]
>Poison Pen [Album Version]
>Bloody Reunion [Album Version]
>Respect Me in the Morning [Album Version]
>Long Tall Sally [Album Version]
>Loss of Control [Album Version]
>All Mine [Album Version]
>Lady Luck [Album Version]
>Power Play [Album Version]
>Don't Mess Around [Album Version]
>Don't Leave Me Lonely [Album Version]
>Dead Giveaway [Album Version]
>What Does it Matter?
>Ain't Even Close
>Sweet Dixie [Album Version]
>Fall of the Peacemakers [Album Version]
>What's it Gonna Take?
>Kinda Like Love
>Under the Gun
>On the Prowl
>Both Sides


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