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Various Artists: Sound Effects: Machines & Nature

Track List

>Automotive: Various Card Doors
>Automotive: Car Starts/Revs
>Automotive: Car Leaves/Arrives
>Automotive: Car Horn - American
>Automotive: Car Horn -Japanese
>Automotive: Car Horn - Antique
>Automotive: Sudden Stop
>Automotive: Tire Screeching
>Automotive: Car Crash
>Automotive: Multiple Car Crash
>Automotive: Windshield Wipers
>Automotive: Tunning a Radio
>Automotive: City Traffic
>Automotive: Freeway Traffic
>Automotive: Race Cars
>Automotive: Race Car Pit Area
>Automotive: Ambulance Arrives
>Automotive: Fire Engine
>Automotive: Big Rig
>Automotive: Bus Stop
>Automotive: Garabage Truck
>Automotive: Motorcycle Start
>Automotive: Motoecycle Leaving
>Automotive: Horse and Carriage
>Construction: Bulldozer
>Construction: Power Saw
>Construction: Pile Driver
>Construction: Front End Loader
>Construction: Construction Site Ambience
>Aviation: Cessna Ignition
>Aviation: Cessna Taxiing
>Aviation: Helicopter Strat Up
>Aviation: Helicopter Fly By
>Aviation: Hot Air Ballon
>Aviation: Cockpit Ambience and Take Off
>Aviation: Jet Fly By
>Aviation: WWII Bomber
>Aviation: Jet Bomber
>Aviation: Jet Landing
>Sounds of War: Western Gunfight
>Sounds of War: WWII Battle
>Sounds of War: Gorilla Warfare
>Sounds of War: Sherman Tank
>Sounds of War: Tank Turret
>Sounds of War: Tank Fire
>Sounds of War: Bomb
>Sounds of War: Bomb 2
>Sounds of War: Rocket/Bomb
>Sounds of War: Cannon
>Sounds of War: Pistol
>Sounds of War: Shot Gun
>Sounds of War: Police Radio
>Marine:Idling Boat
>Marine: Speed Boat
>Marine: Ship's Anchor Up
>Marine: Submarine Ambience
>Marine: Submarine Sonar
>Trains: Train Approaching
>Trains: Railroad Crossing
>Trains: Diesel Train Horn
>Trains: Steam Train horn
>Trains: Steam Engine
>Trains: Street Car
>Trains: Monorail Arrives
>Trains: Monorail Leaves
>Trains: Subway
>Trains: Subway Passenger
>Trains: Roller Coaster
>Household: Lawn Mower
>Household: Electric Weed Whacker
>Household: Yard Blower
>Household: Back Door
>Household: Front Door
>Household: Big Door
>Household: Creaking Door
>Household: Washing Machine
>Household: Dryer
>Household: Old Refrigerator
>Household: Kitchen Sink
>Household: Toilet Flush
>Household: Grandfather Clock
>Household: Old Telephone
>Household: Old Rotary Phone
>Household: Touchtone Dialing
>Household: Telephone receiver
>Household: Cell Phone
>Household: Old Typewriter
>Household: Computer Keyboard
>Household: Copying Machine
>Household: Stapler
>Sport and Games: Pirates Swords
>Sport and Games: Basketball Dribble
>Sport and Games: Basketball Free Throw
>Sport and Games: Basketball Free Throw
>Sport and Games: Baseball Hit and Run
>Sport and Games: Skeet Ball
>Sport and Games: Burp Gun
>Sport and Games: Slot Machine Loser
>Sport and Games: Slot Machine Winner
>Dogs: Puppy Playing
>Dogs: Puppy Barking
>Dogs: Puppy in a Box
>Dogs: Puppy Whining Outside
>Dogs: Small Dog Barking
>Dogs: Medium Dog Barking
>Dogs: Big Dog Barking
>Dogs: Dog on Patrol/Indoors
>Dogs: Dog on Patrol/Outdoors
>Dogs: Dog Barking/In the Distance
>Dogs: Dog Barking Outside (Closeby)
>Dogs: Dog Growling
>Dogs: Dog Running/Indoors (Tile Floor)
>Dogs: Dog Running/Outdoors, Tags Jingling
>Dogs: Kennel Sounds
>Dogs: Kennel Wet
>Dogs: Wild Dogs About Cats
>Dogs: Cat Playing With Milk
>Dogs: Classic Meow
>Dogs: More Meowing
>Dogs: Purring
>Dogs: 2 Hissing Cats
>Dogs: Horse Eating
>Dogs: Gallop on Soft Ground
>Dogs: Horse Trot on Cobblestones
>Dogs: Horse Pulling a Wagon
>Dogs: Horse Pulling a Sleigh
>Dogs: Horse & Buggy on Cobblestones
>Dogs: Horse & Buggy on a Wooden Bridge
>Dogs: Horse Convoy in the Woods
>Dogs: Horse Walking in a Barn
>Dogs: Horse Walking in a Snow
>Dogs: Horse Whinning
>Dogs: Horse in Stall/Sound of a Leather Saddle Cows/Barnyard Animals
>Dogs: Cown Mooing in a Barn
>Dogs: Cows Mooing Outside
>Dogs: R Cattle Drive
>Dogs: Another Cattle Drive
>Dogs: Chickens
>Dogs: Early Morning Rooster Crowing
>Dogs: R Rooster Crowing
>Dogs: Several Roosters Crowing
>Dogs: Donkey
>Dogs: Goats Bleating
>Dogs: Pig Grunts & Squeals
>Dogs: Budgies
>Dogs: Barnyard Animals
>Birds: Turkey Gobbling
>Birds: Geese Cackling
>Birds: Geese & Ducks Cackling
>Birds: Owl Hooting
>Birds: Seagulls
>Birds: Blackbirds & Sparrows
>Birds: Hawk Screeching
>Animals in the Woods: Chipmunk Call
>Animals in the Woods: Rattlesnake
>Animals in the Woods: Mountain Lion Snarl
>Animals in the Woods: Mountain Lion Growl
>Animals in the Woods: Cougar Snarling
>Animals in the Woods: Wolf Howling
>Animals in the Woods: Wolves Howling
>Animals in the Woods: Frogs
>Animals in the Woods: Frog
>Animals in the Woods: Cricket
>Animals in the Woods: Crickets Chirping
>Animals in the Woods: Grasshoppers in Wind
>Animals in the Woods: Insects in R Swamp
>Animals in the Woods: Wasp
>Animals in the Woods: Mosquito
>Animals in the Woods: Bee Swarm
>Animals in the Zoo: Lion Snarling
>Animals in the Zoo: Lion Roar
>Animals in the Zoo: Elephants Trumpeting
>Animals in the Zoo: Tiger Cub
>Animals in the Zoo: Tiger Snarl
>Animals in the Zoo: Gibbon Monkey
>Animals in the Zoo: Gorilla
>Animals in the Zoo: Sea Lions
>Animals in the Zoo: Zoo Sounds
>Sounds of Nature: Fire in the Woods
>Sounds of Nature: Wind Thru the Trees/Thunder
>Sounds of Nature: Rain in the Woods
>Sounds of Nature: Jungle Rain
>Sounds of Nature: Heavy Rain
>Sounds of Nature: Rain With Wind
>Sounds of Nature: Rain and Thunder
>Sounds of Nature: Mud Slide
>Sounds of Nature: Blizzard
>Sounds of Nature: Waterfall
>Sounds of Nature: Bird Along a Wire
>Mountain Stream: The Forest
>Mountain Stream: Side of a Mountain
>Mountain Stream: Swamp Critters
>Mountain Stream: Suburbas
>Mountain Stream: Summer Dry in the South
>Mountain Stream: New England Day
>Mountain Stream: Lake Shore
>Mountain Stream: Ocean Waves With Seagulls
>Mountain Stream: Heavy Surf


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