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Clare Salaman/Bill Taylor (Guitar)/Colin Campbell (Folk)/Barnaby Brown (Pipes): Spellweaving

Track List

>Hindorodin Hindodre: One of the Cragich [A "Rocky" Pibroch]
>Cumha Mhic Leóid [McLeod's Lament]
>Fear Pìoba Meata [The Timid Piper]
>Cruinneachadh Nan Sutharlanach [The Sutherland's Gathering]
>Hiorodotra Cheredeche [A Nameless Piborch]
>Port Na Srian [The Horse's Bridle Tune]
>Pìobaireachd na Páirce [The Park Piborch]
>Ceann Drochaid' Innse-Bheiridh [The End of Inchberry Bridge]

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

The patronage of elite Highland pipers collapsed after the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. Worried that the classical music of the Gaels would fade away, the English-speaking gentry offered prize money for scientific notations. By 1797, Colin Campbell had written 377 pages in a unique notation based on the vocables of Hebridean 'mouth music', but - unintelligible to the judges in Edinburgh - Campbell's extraordinary work of preservation has remained overlooked or misunderstood until now. Barnaby Brown's realisations bring the musical craftsmanship of a remote culture vividly to life, giving a voice back to some of Europe's most illustrious ancient instruments and refocusing attention on a type of music whose trance-inducing long spans and elaborate formal patterning echo the knots and spells of Celtic culture.

Sunday Times, 22nd May 2016
[Brown] and his colleagues deliver beguiling performances using an instrumentarium of bagpipes, vulture-bone flute, clarsach (folk harp) et al, as well as his pleasantly light-toned voice.

The Guardian, 2nd June 2016
Bill Tayolr gives gentle if learned accounts on clrsach and lyre and Brown takes a spacious solo on a vulture bone flute, but the highlight is Clare Salaman doing bold and sensitive things on Hardanger fiddle with a majestic 15-minute account of The Sutherlands' Gathering.

Album Notes

Personnel: Clare Salaman (hurdy-gurdy, fiddle); Bill Taylor (harp, lyre); Barnaby Brown (vocals, pipes).

Liner Note Author: Barnaby Brown .

Recording information: Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield (06/08/2015-06/10/2015).


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