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John Williams (Film Composer): Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Album Notes

Composer: John Williams .

John Williams' scores for the original Star Wars trilogy are not only spectacular, but historically significant. For Return of the Jedi, the last movie in the first series, Williams builds upon many of his previous themes. However, he does this in a fresh, creative way. For example, the film's opening, "Main Title/Approaching the Death Star/Tatooine Rendezvous," includes snippets from Darth Vader's "The Imperial March." This is a menacing piece that underscores the ruthlessness of Vader and the wickedness of the Emperor.

"Jabba's Baroque Recital" is one of the few tracks on this two-disc set that does not use an orchestra, but rather, a keyboard. This composition actually sounds more like an early Mozart pianoforte piece than a Baroque fugue, but this does not detract from its charm or its cinematic value. The most exciting piece on Return of the Jedi is "The Battle of Endor I." The conceptual scope of Williams' music is emphasized in this lengthy composition. Filled with great contrasts -- including beautiful string interludes and violent, percussive segues -- this piece stands out. In fact, "The Battle of Endor I" can easily be enjoyed out of context, which is a true testament to Williams' compositional acumen. ~ Rovi Staff


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