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Ital Tek: Hollowed *

Track List

>Delicate Balance, A
>Beyond Sight
>Memory Shard
>Reflection Through Destruction
>Vacuum I

Album Reviews:

Clash (magazine) - "Slippery as much as he is explosive, Ital Tek's strong body of work has taken in maximalism and pure electronic, pigeonhole-purging atmospherics, equalising coordinates and mind games with the brandishing of a Brighton-branded machete."

Album Notes

Ital Tek's fifth full-length is drastically different from anything else he's done before, retaining no more than traces of the dubstep, juke, and jungle influences present on his prior recordings. Beats are present, but they're muted and sometimes buried under the washes of synths and altered guitars; likewise, the bass tones are tense and anxious. This is music for solemn reflection rather than dancing, yet it's still informed by the dynamics of club music production. "Cobra" and the Kuedo-like "Aquamarine" feature the most upfront beats and rhythms, coming close to the trap phenomenon, but significantly more brooding. The trembling "Memory Shard" utilizes gamelan-like percussion and nervous loops before abruptly shifting to a broken-down rhythm. The album reaches its dramatic climax with "Jenova," which simmers with cinematic tension. Hollowed is a dark, sometimes devastating album that finds Ital Tek letting go of his previous methods of composition, resulting in his most personal, accomplished work yet. ~ Paul Simpson


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