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Various Artists: Deutsche Schlager Legenden [Box]

Track List

>I Will Every Night You Dream "Gasparone" - Johannes Heesters/Orchestra Florian Riedl
>You'd Have to Play the Piano Can "ALWAYS YOU" - Johannes Heesters
>Darling, What Will Happen to the Two of Us "ALWAYS YOU" - Johannes Heesters
>My Heart Should a Broadcaster His "Long Live Love" - Johannes Heesters/Peter Kreuder Orchestra
>Sweetheart "Maytime" - Esther Rethy/Johannes Heesters
>Amor, Amor - Horst Winter/Johannes Heesters
>Mexican Serenade "South of the Border" - Horst Winter/Johannes Heesters
>Oh Goldmarie - Horst Winter/Johannes Heesters
>On the Prairie "ROSEMARIE" - Johannes Heesters/Entertainment Vienna
>My Car Can Schön Singer "Beloved Friend" - Johannes Heesters/Elite Filmorch
>Carousel "Carnivall of Love" - Johannes Heesters
>If I Were a Emperor "Gasparone" - Johannes Heesters/Marikka Rokk
>What Do You Think of Love "Gasparone" - Edith Schollwer/Johannes Heesters
>Have You Never Felt So Kissed "Gasparone" - Johannes Heesters/Marikka Rokk
>We Make Music - Ilse Werner
>You and I in the Moonlight - Ilse Werner
>Yes, This Is My Melody - Ilse Werner
>I Care About You And You Have Me - Ilse Werner
>When Wilt Thou Return to Be With Me? - Ilse Werner
>My Heart Has Today 'Premiere - Ilse Werner
>Schön Was It - Ilse Werner
>Who Whistled What - Ilse Werner
>Little Town Want to Sleep Geh'n - Ilse Werner
>Maybe This Is Love as an Illusion Nothing - Ilse Werner
>When Did It Started With you - Ilse Werner
>I Love You - Ilse Werner
>Have Luck With Frau'n, Bel Ami - Willy Forst
>Like a Miracle Kam Love Overnight - Willy Forst
>Through You, This World Is an Excellent One - Willy Forst
>My Girl Is Just a Saleswoman - Willy Forst
>My Heart Clings to You - Willy Forst
>I Love, You Love, He Loves - Willy Forst
>I love You and Characteristic 'Dich Nicht - Willy Forst/Magda Schneider
>Under an Umbrella in the Evening - Willy Forst
>Come Play With Me Blinde Kuh - Willy Forst
>Ma'am, Where They Were Yesterday - Willy Forst
>Wiener Blut - Willy Forst
>Go's and Sold Conditions My G'wand - Willy Forst
>This Is the Sun of Arcadia - Willy Forst
>I Have a Great Nostalgia - Willy Forst
>We Pay Rent More - Willy Fritsch/Lilian Har
>Viennese Operetta - Willy Forst
>Today I am So in Love Yes - Willy Forst
>Say When They Parted, Softly "Servus" - Willy Forst
>Buona Sera - Ralf Bendix
>So It Is Every Night - Ralf Bendix
>Minne Minnehaha - Ralf Bendix
>Her Name Was Mary Ann - Ralf Bendix
>I Love an Ugly Girl - Ralf Bendix
>Today I Go Not Go home - Ralf Bendix
>We Fahrn After San Fernando - Ralf Bendix
>Toby - Ralf Bendix
>Hotel Zur Loneliness - Ralf Bendix
>Hey Joe - Ralf Bendix
>You Black Madonna - Ralf Bendix
>Are You So Beautiful - Ralf Bendix
>We Build the Road to Kingston Town - Ralf Bendix
>99 Years' - Ralf Bendix
>In the Golden Anchor to Liverpool - Ralf Bendix
>Rock & Roll Medley - Ralf Bendix
>Waiter Please Twice a Sausage - Heinz Erhardt
>Shaky Song - Heinz Erhardt
>Agamemnon - Heinz Erhardt
>Baby It's Raining Yet - Heinz Erhardt - (featuring Renée Franke)
>Something About My Girl - Heinz Erhardt
>Am i in love - Heinz Erhardt
>Uncle Otto Waltz - Heinz Erhardt
>Papas Lullaby - Heinz Erhardt
>Bobby Schick Has Nen Tick - Heinz Erhardt
>Annemie - Heinz Erhardt


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