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The Move: Shazam [Remastered & Expanded Edition]

Track List

>Hello Susie
>Beautiful Daughter
>Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited
>Feilds of People
>Don't Make My Baby Blue
>Last Thing on My Mind, The
>Wild Tiger Woman
>Blackberry Way
>Certain Something, A
>This Time Tomorrow
>Hello Susie
>Second Class (She's Too Good for Me)

Album Reviews:

Rolling Stone (5/14/70, p.52) - "...SHAZAM is a brutally energetic rock and roll album....The Move must be kept going to give us more albums like this one."

Album Notes

This 1998 reissue contains 9 bonus tracks not on the original release.

The Move: Roy Wood, Carl Wayne, Rick Price, Bev Bevan.

All tracks have been digitally remastered.

The Move was always a hard band to pin down. They began by bringing a hard-edged American rock & roll sensibility to '60s British psych-pop, alternating between rave-ups and trip-outs. By the time of SHAZAM, one of the group's strongest efforts, the sound was most comparable to S.F. SORROW-era Pretty Things. There are hard-rock riffs aplenty, but they're employed in the service of long, ambitious songs, occasionally of a conceptual nature. The lengthy centerpiece, "Cherry Blossom Clinic," is indicative of SHAZAM's sound. "Clinic" tells the story of life inside a mental institution in a constantly shifting tour de force that moves from spoken-word fragments to heavy proto-progressive riffs to fanciful folk/baroque acoustic guitar tapestries.

On the other side of the coin, the band wrings some crunchingly heavy, Led Zep-like blues-rock out of some unlikely source material on the Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill composition "Don't Make My Baby Blue". Similarly, Tom Paxton's simple folk standard "The Last Thing On My Mind" is transformed into a moody, cinematic, seven-and-a-half-minute psychedelic rock epic. As if all this weren't enough, there's also nine (!) juicy bonus tracks.


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