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Various Artists: Hardcore & Rave

Track List

>Kahlschlag - DJ Stormtrooper/Dj Minupren/Dirrrty Franz Band/Storm
>Taub? [1999 Mix] - Megamind (remix)
>Put the Volume Up [Original Mix] - The Belgian Stallion (remix)
>Brain Evolution - Q-Rave
>Liééége - The Belgian Stallion
>Poing [Remix] - Amsterdam Terminator (remix)
>Methlab - The Belgian Stallion
>Illogical - Q-Rave
>Legalize Violence - The Belgian Stallion
>Up to the Moon - Current/DJ Stormtrooper/Dj Minupren/Dirrrty Franz Band
>60 Seconds Till Burn-Out - The Belgian Stallion
>Holding on 4 U [Visa Radio Mix] - Clock (remix)
>Love Song [Mark 'Oh Remix] - Mark 'Oh (remix)
>Everbody's Loving [Mars Plastic Mix] - John Robinson (remix)
>Keep It Up [Plus Staples Mix] - Sharada House Gang (remix)
>All by Myself [Extended Mix] - Clubhouse/Clubhouse (remix, featuring Carl Fanini/Carl)
>Keep Giving [Planet Mix] - Galaxy (remix)
>Move on Baby [Plus Staples Mix] - Cappella (remix)
>Move Allright [Club Mix] - Plus Staples (remix)
>Turn the Reactors [Extended Mix] - Magic Domingo (remix)
>Don't You Know [Extended Version] - Black Jack (remix)
>Sleeping With the Snake [Teutonic Mix] - Schiffer (remix)
>This Is You Path [W-Kappa Speedy Mix] - The Providers (remix)
>No Satisfaction [Desecratic Mix] - Fine (remix)
>Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) [DJ Hooligan Remix] - Mark 'Oh (remix)
>Right Way [Liquid Bass Mix], The - Mark 'Oh (remix)
>Nowhere Land [Original Extended] - Clubhouse
>Tell Me the Way [Tekno Kingdom Mix] - Cappella (remix)
>Let His Love [Mars Plastic Mix] - Sky High (remix)
>Happy Time [Plus Staples Mix] - Mix Max (remix)
>Promises [Extended Mix] - Mig-29 (remix, featuring Natasha/Natasha)
>Just Too Funky [Extended Mix] - Alpha-Vision (remix)
>Can You Feel the Love Tonight [Plus Staples Mix] - U-Matic (remix)
>I Want a Boy [177 BPM Mix] - Fine (remix)
>No Way Out [Hard Core Remix] - Francesco Zappalà (remix)
>You and I [Mars Plastic Mix] - Clubhouse/Clubhouse (remix, featuring Carl Fanini/Carl)
>Tears Don't Lie [Mark 'Oh Remix] - Mark 'Oh (remix)
>U & Me [Teckno Kingdome & Champagne] - Cappella


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