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Piano Slim: Look at Grandma Watusi

Track List

>Look at Grandma Watusi!
>Lot of Shakin', Lot of Jivin'
>Key Jammer
>Lazy Dazy
>Pat Your Rock
>Ennis Lee
>Mister Twister
>Spinning Top, Pts. 1 & 2
>Sadie Hawkins Day
>Do It Now
>Things You Do, The
>Raise Your Head
>Aw Get It [Take 1] - (take)
>Aw Get It [Take 2] - (take)
>Aw Get It [Take 3 False Start>Take 4] - (take)
>Aw Get It [Take 5] - (take)
>Aw Get It [take 6] - (take)
>My Darling My Darling
>Please Forgive Me
>Raise Your Head [Take 1] - (take)


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