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Brad Fiedel: Terminator [Bonus Tracks] [Digipak]

Track List

>Main Title - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Terminator Arrival/Reese Chased/Sarah on Motorbike - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Terminator Gets Guns/Search for Sarah - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Reese Dreams of Future War - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Sarah Watches News/Enters Tech Noir - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Matt & Ginger Killed/Sarah Calls Detectives - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Reese & Sarah in Garage - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Arm & Eye Surgery - (with Brad Fiedel)
>"I'll Be Back"/Police Station & Escape - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Future Flashback - (with Brad Fiedel)
>"Fuck You Asshole" - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Love Scene - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Tunnel Chase - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Death by Fire/Terminator Gets Up - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Factory Chase - (with Brad Fiedel)
>End Credits: Final Suite - (with Brad Fiedel)
>Terminator, The (Theme) [Extendedversion] - (with Brad Fiedel)

Album Reviews:

Pitchfork (Website) - "The 1984 film THE TERMINATOR's vision of humanity crushed by a malign artificial intelligence was backed up by a Brad Fiedel score that not just dramatized but echoed that sense of a machine army in the ascendant."

Album Notes

Original score written by Brad Fiedel.

Producers: Brad Fiedel, Kevin Elson, Jay Ferguson, Michael Verdick, John French.

THE TERMINATOR: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION contains previously unreleased music from the film.

All music composed and performed by Brad Fiedel.

Includes liner notes by David Hirsch.

Digitally remastered by Bill Wolford (The Music Source, Seattle, Washington).

Personnel: Ross Levinson (electric violin).

Audio Mixers: Mark Casselman; Brad Fiedel.

Editor: Emilie Robertson .

Brad Fiedel's score to James Cameron's seminal SF action classic is a jacknife plunge through the chrome fixtures and polystyrene base metals of your speakers, amplifier and inner ear canals. A cyborg romp of galloping synth fillips and quacking electronics, Fiedel's work is alternately futuristic, poignant and every bit an independent work of music wholly removed from its source matter.

The opening theme captures both the vivid imagery of Cameron's future world and the hapless humans who soon bear witness to the apocalypse, Fiedel expressing the adventure through melancholy chords, laser-sharp synth stings, and percussion that rings out like emergency broadcast klaxons. His orchestrations for the chase scenes resonate like the best synth-pop of early '80s British experimentalists, while his longer pieces, stark in their minimalism, signal approaching dread and machine desire via an almost unbearable air of suspense. Science fiction music for the robot age, and one of the most compelling soundtracks of the '80s, this definitive edition also includes works never heard in the final film.


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