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Bill Hicks: Rant in E-Minor [Digipak]

Track List

>Bill Takes Stage
>Fevered Egos
>Dance Clubs
>People Suck
>Pro-Lifers and Non-Smokers
>Started Smoking Again
>Hendrix Was an Alien
>Let's Do Some Comedy
>Keith Richards and the Ledge Beyond the Edge
>Hendrix Language
>Musicians Who Are Dead
>LA City of Hell
>I've Smoked a Lot
>Gifts of Forgiveness
>Riff on Comedy, Dick Jokes, and Plastic Plants
>When Jesus Comes Back
>Confession Time (Cops)
>Wax Dart
>I'm Talking to the Women Here
>Pussywhipped Satan
>Rush Limbaugh
>Glass of Water
>Waco Koresh
>One of the Boys (Clinton)
>Elite, The
>Car Bombs and Cowards
>Time to Evolve (More Dick Jokes Are Coming)
>Deficit Jesse Helms
>Alcohol Kills/Pot Is Better/A Job Has Been Created
>Better World, A (Are You Cool With That?)
>Everything They Tell You About Pot Is a Lie (Play the Sitar)
>Carrot Top and Gallagher
>Artistic Roll Call
>Save Willie
>Can't Breathe Out of My Right Lung
>Bradley Tanks Knocking Down Catholic Churches
>Pope, The
>Childbirth Is Not a Miracle
>People Who Hate People
>Philosophical Discussion With a Christian
>Childbirth Is Not Natural (Back to the Garden)
>It's Women (Women)
>Guys Don't Want Children
>Your Children Are Not Special (Grey Gym Sock)
>Welcome to Comedy

Album Reviews:

Musician (6/97, p.86) - "...As he learned his craft, he evolved into probably the best comedian of the late Eighties and early Nineties, working dangerous issues that kept him off television..."

Album Notes

Personnel: Bill Hicks (vocals, guitar); Kevin Booth (keyboards, bass, percussion).

Recorded at Fossil Creek Studio, Austin, Texas from November 1992-June 1993; recorded live at Laff Stop (aka Capital City Comedy Club), Austin, Texas from March-October 1993; recorded live at Cobbs, San Francisco, California in July 1993. Includes liner notes by Kevin Booth.

Recording information: The Laff Stop.

Like his spiritual forefather, Lenny Bruce, the late Bill Hicks was a comedic visionary who used a profanity-laced approach in skewering societal sacred cows and made people simultaneously laugh and feel uncomfortable. Hicks' politically incorrect left-wing libertarian viewpoints saturate the posthumously released RANT IN E MINOR, where religious fundamentalism and politics are particular targets.

Delivered in an erudite twang, Hicks hilariously mocks Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Bolton ("Fevered Egos"), PC extremists ("Non-smokers"), and wealthy celebrities (particularly Jay Leno) who deep-six their creative credibility by becoming corporate shills ("Artistic Roll Call"). The self-admitted "armchair psychologist" takes potshots at both the right ("Deficit [Jesse Helms], "Rush Limbaugh") and the left ("Waco," "One of the Boys [Clinton]) in a way that still reverberates years after the incendiary comic's passing. Although Hicks' inherent pessimism ("Love List [No Future]"), pro-drug stance ("Confession Time"), and borderline conspiracy theories ("Politics in America") often found him getting limited media exposure, his is a message especially relevant at a time when Noam Chomsky's predictions about corporate oligarchy seem increasingly accurate. Plus, the late Texan was a distinctly funny crank.


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