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Andrew Liles: Miscellany-Lussuoso [Digipak]

Track List

>Life Is an Empty Place [2nd Life Mix]
>Touch, But Never Enough
>I've Seen the Future
>Weasel (IV)
>O' Me O' My
>Brain Oscillator Circuits
>Son of Samantha
>Tutty Pipkin's Under Mummy Disco
>Sensorium Podulum Capsule, The
>Clog Blockers (Heavy Flow)
>6 and 2 and 3 and 4
>Look at Yourself, Shambles
>Sticky Tissue Funk
>Stench of Boy Sick
>Hoe Land Security
>God Ios Dead
>Astral Telex Machine
>Pudding Pot Ticklers
>Siwa Shigellosis
>Tutty Pipkin's Sunshine Saunter
>Caught in the Inbetween
>Tennessee Top Hat
>Tutty Pipkin's Boom Sharoom
>Hiding Place for a Wank Mag, A
>I Don't Belong Here
>Time Chamber (II)
>Coconut Matting
>Very Controlled Panic
>Active Ingredients
>Exploitation and Victimisation
>Extramundane Monotonics
>Was Telepathic
>Biomorphic Sinews
>Applied Psychotronics
>Tutty Pipkin's Wry Smiles With Liles
>What Goes Around
>It's a Cold World
>'Kin 'Ed Kicked In
>Diodes (III)
>Male Impotence
>Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
>Accumulated Errors
>E177QQ [Chequers Mix] - (remix)
>Crumble Jumbaleen
>Tall Cube, The
>Push Button Daisy


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