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Virgin Steele: The House of Atreus, Act I & Act II [Digipak]

Audio Samples

  1. Kingdom of the Fearless (The Destruction of Troy) $1.29 on iTunes
  2. Through the Ring of Fire $1.29 on iTunes
  3. Prelude In a Minor (The Voyage Home) $1.29 on iTunes
  4. In Triumph Or Tragedy $1.29 on iTunes
  5. Return of the King $1.29 on iTunes
  6. Flames of the Black Star (The Arrows of Herakles) $1.29 on iTunes
  7. Narcissus $1.29 on iTunes
  8. And Hecate Smiled $1.29 on iTunes
  9. A Song of Prophecy $1.29 on iTunes
  10. Child of Desolation $1.29 on iTunes
  11. Day of Wrath $1.29 on iTunes
  12. Great Sword of Flame $1.29 on iTunes
  13. The Gift of Tantalos $1.29 on iTunes
  14. Iphigenia In Hades $1.29 on iTunes
  15. The Fire God $1.29 on iTunes
  16. Garden of Lamentation $1.29 on iTunes
  17. Agony and Shame $1.29 on iTunes
  18. Gate of Kings $1.29 on iTunes
  19. Via Sacra $1.29 on iTunes
  20. Wings of Vengeance $1.29 on iTunes
  21. Hymn To the Gods of Night $1.29 on iTunes
  22. Fire of Ecstasy $1.29 on iTunes
  23. The Oracle of Apollo $1.29 on iTunes
  24. The Voice As Weapon $1.29 on iTunes
  25. Moira $1.29 on iTunes
  26. Nemesis $1.29 on iTunes
  27. The Wine of Violence $1.29 on iTunes
  28. A Token of My Hatred $1.29 on iTunes
  29. Summoning the Powers $1.29 on iTunes
  30. Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) $1.29 on iTunes
  31. Arms of Mercury $1.29 on iTunes
  32. By the Gods $1.29 on iTunes
  33. Areopagos $1.29 on iTunes
  34. The Judgment of the Son $1.29 on iTunes
  35. Hammer the Winds $1.29 on iTunes
  36. Guilt Or Innocence $1.29 on iTunes
  37. The Fields of Asphodel $1.29 on iTunes
  38. When the Legends Die $1.29 on iTunes
  39. Anemone (Withered Hopes…Forsaken) $1.29 on iTunes
  40. The Waters of Acheron $1.29 on iTunes
  41. Fantasy and Fugue In D Minor (The Death of Orestes) $1.29 on iTunes
  42. Resurrection Day (The Finale)
  43. Gate of Kings (Acoustic Version) $1.29 on iTunes
  44. Great Sword of Flame (Alternate Version) $1.29 on iTunes
  45. Prometheus the Fallen One (Re-Mix) $1.29 on iTunes
  46. Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) (Alternate Mix) $1.29 on iTunes

Track List

>Kingdom of the Fearless (The Destruction of Troy)
>Blaze of Victory (The Watchman's Song)
>Through the Ring of Fire
>Prelude in a Minor (The Voyage Home)
>Death Darkly Closed Their Eyes (The Messenger's Song)
>In Triumph or Tragedy
>Return of the King
>Flames of the Black Star (The Arrows of Herakles)
>And Hecate Smiled
>Song of Prophecy, A
>Child of Desolation
>G Minor Invention (Descent Into Death's Twilight Kingdom)
>Day of Wrath
>Great Sword of Flame
>Gift of Tantalos, The
>Iphigenia in Hades
>Fire God, The
>Garden of Lamentation
>Agony and Shame
>Gate of Kings
>Via Sacra
>Wings of Vengeance
>Hymn to the Gods of Night
>Fire of Ecstasy
>Oracle of Apollo, The
>Voice as Weapon, The
>Nemesis [Instrumental]
>Wine of Violence, The
>Token of My Hatred, A
>Summoning the Powers
>Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)
>Arms of Mercury
>By the Gods
>Areopagos [Instrumental]
>Judgment of the Son, The
>Hammer the Winds
>Guilt or Innocence [Instrumental]
>Fields of Asphodel, The
>When the Legends Die
>Anemone (Withered Hopes... Forsaken)
>Waters of Acheron [Instrumental], The
>Fantasy and Fugue in D Minor (The Death of Orestes) [Instrumental]
>Resurrection Day (The Finale)
>Gate of Kings [Acoustic Version]
>Agamemnon's Last Hour
>Great Sword of Flame [Alternate Version]
>Prometheus the Fallen One [Remix] - (remix)
>Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) [Alternate Mix] - (remix)
>Wings of Vengeance [Alternate Mix] - (remix)

Album Notes

Recording information: Last Chance Studios, Bellmore, NY; Media Recording, Bellmore, NY.


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