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The Knack (US): ...But the Little Girls Understand

Album Notes

The Knack: Doug Feiger (vocals, guitar); Berton Averre (guitar); Prescott Niles (bass); Bruce Gary (drums).

Producer: Mike Chapman.

Reissue producers: Doug Feiger, Lee Lodyga.

Originally released on Capitol (12045). Includes liner notes by Scott Schinder.

All tracks have been digitally remastered.

The Knack responded to the critics' near universal damning of their Beatlesque approach and unrepentant sexism with another album of '60s derived pop songs soaked with adolescent male lust. It wasn't a terrifically bright career move but it did guarantee fans a second album that rips along without guilt or need for explanation. Despite the annoying "My Sharona" rewrite, "Baby Talks Dirty," the album is chock full of inspired nuggets that are snare drum tight. "I Want Ya" may be the most buoyantly driving song the band ever recorded, and with a catalog of practically nothing but buoyantly driving songs that's saying something.

"Tell Me You're Mine" is a similar winner, all slinky insistence and wordplay. The rueful "Can't Put a Price on Love" is a different color altogether: a strolling pace and an accepting (if defeatist) view of romantic games. The critics pronounced the album a flop, of course. However, it sold well over two million copies. The little girls, apparently, did understand after all.


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