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Discharge: Shootin' Up the World

Album Notes

One wouldn't go so far as calling it a full-scale rehabilitation, but with 1993's Shootin' Up the World, humbled hardcore heroes Discharge finally recorded a new album that they needn't be ashamed of -- even if the contents still had more characteristics of heavy metal than punk, or hardcore. Quite possibly of greater concern than their fans' expectations, however, was the fact that no musical style was in more dire straits during the mid-'90s than heavy metal, thus guaranteeing precious little attention for this, Discharge's attempted comeback. In any case, for all of their metallic hallmarks, Shootin' Up the World standouts such as the title track, "Leaders Deceivers" and "Never Come to Care" signified a return to rougher sounds, gruffer vocals, and visceral execution reminiscent of Discharge's aesthetic roots. Also, with the exception of six-minute opener "Manson Child," all songs rediscovered the brutal efficacy of sub-three-minute running times -- yet another early omen for the impending re-formation of Discharge's "classic" lineup, and frequent ensuing tours through which they would finally recollect most of the spirit that inspired them at the start, and hundreds of bands thereafter. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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