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Anohni: Hopelessness

Track List

>Drone Bomb Me
>4 Degrees
>Watch Me
>I Don't Love You Anymore
>Violent Men
>Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth?

Album Reviews:

Rolling Stone - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "ANOHNI observes horror in her art unflinchingly, magnifying it in the process, and transforming shock value into something more valuable."

Spin - "It's both a thrilling record and an occasionally confounding one; a statement that often invokes tightly controlled rage as a means of slapping the listener out of what one imagines has become our collective stupor. In short, it's a protest record."

Magnet - "The lyrics are unrelenting in their anger and pointedly accusatory -- of specific countries, of terrorism and warfare, of environmental abuse, of self. But ANOHNI's voice, a dramatic, sometimes operatic, often soulful croon, conveys warmth, tenderness and, contradictory to the title, hope."

Mojo (Publisher) - Ranked #42 in Mojo's 'The 50 Best Albums Of 2016' -- "[A] vigorous tirade against the human and environmental cost of the nihilistic devotion to global capital evinced by The Man..."

NME (Magazine) - "[A]n album of righteous political fury that's all the more powerful for being delivered so exquisitely."

Album Notes

Personnel: Anohni (keyboards); Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never (keyboards).

The sweet, beautiful sadness of Anohni's voice (she was previously known as Antony Hegarty) has always been only half the story in her best work. On her recordings with Antony and the Johnsons, the dramatic swell of Anohni's voice was wedded to graceful melodies and lyrics that told deeply emotional, humanistic tales of the struggle for and acceptance of love in a hostile world. Anohni's music so often comprises elegant but passionate stories of the personal made public that her first album after adopting her new name, 2016's Hopelessness, comes as something of a shock. The nuanced, organic musical accompaniment of Anohni's most celebrated work has been replaced with cool, often aggressive electronic soundscapes created by co-producers Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. And instead of singing tales of love and desperation, here Anohni moves from the personal to the political, taking on global warming, drone warfare, government intrusion in our lives, violence in all its forms, and her frustrations with Barack Obama's presidency in no uncertain terms. While one could dance to some of these tracks if it were absolutely necessary, the music feels harsh and apocalyptic more often than not. And though Anohni's voice remains strong and passionate, a thread of bitterness runs through most of these performances (not inappropriate, given the themes of the songs). "Crisis" and the title song are two of the few moments here where the warmth and compassion that were Anohni's trademarks are audible, even as they're contrasted with the jagged surfaces of Mohawke and Point Never's music. Hopelessness is a powerful and uncompromising work, but it's also purposefully difficult, and demands the listener accept it entirely on its own terms. This music leaves no doubt that Anohni remains a strikingly talented vocalist and songwriter, but where the warm heart of 2006's I Am a Bird Now reached out to the listener, Hopelessness instead throws up a wall as it launches an assault on an unjust world. Anohni's targets deserve all the fury she unleashes upon them, but that doesn't make this any easier to engage with, even if you agree with what Anohni has to say. ~ Mark Deming


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