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Death: Scream Bloody Gore

Track List

>Infernal Death
>Zombie Ritual
>Denial of Life
>Regurgitated Guts
>Baptized in Blood
>Torn to Pieces
>Evil Dead
>Scream Bloody Gore
>Beyond the Unholy Grave
>Land of No Return
>Torn to Pieces [Original Florida Session]
>Legion of Doom [Original Florida Session]
>Scream Bloody Gore [Original Florida Session]
>Sacrificial [Original Florida Session]
>Mutilation [Original Florida Session]
>Land of No Return [Original Florida Session]
>Baptized in Blood [Original Florida Session]
>Regurgitated Guts [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Sacrificial [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Sacrificial: Take 2 [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Torn to Pieces [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Do You Love Me? V1 [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Infernal Death [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Zombie Ritual [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Beyond the Unholy Grave [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Do You Love Me? V2 [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]
>Denial of Life [Rehearsals 08-20-1986]

Album Notes

Death includes: Chuck Schuldiner (vocals, bass, guitar); Chirs Reifert (drums).

Audio Remasterer: Alan Douches.

Recording information: The Music Grinder, Los Angeles, CA.

A seminal album that helped establish the death metal subgenre, Scream Bloody Gore may be slightly musically amateurish next to Death's subsequent albums, but it trades polish for savage, gut-wrenching force and speed. Building on the blueprint of Slayer's Reign in Blood, the lyrics match the disturbing, stomach-churning qualities of the music, and Chuck Schuldiner's vocals do their best to live up to the album's title. A necessary item for anyone interested in the genesis of death metal. ~ Steve Huey


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