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Various Artists: Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer, Vol.4: Retaliation

Track List

>Make Love - KMFDM (previously unreleased)
>Fury - The Dark Clan (previously unreleased)
>Legacy - Ghostfeeder (previously unreleased)
>Finally What You Wanted [Savior's Extended Mix] - Panic Lift (remix)
>Parasite - Deathline International (previously unreleased)
>Retaliation vs. Wasted Time - Rein[Forced] (previously unreleased, featuring Interface)
>When She's Hungry [Wesenberg Remix] - (remix)
>Deathtroopers - (previously unreleased)
>Monochrome - Mindless Faith (previously unreleased)
>Silence Is Speaking [Infacted Remix] - Binary Park (remix)
>Rewired [Intuition's Morning Star Mix] - Iris (remix)
>Darkstar - More Machine Than Man (previously unreleased)
>Pain That You Like [Orange Sector Remix], The - Suicide Commando (previously unreleased, featuring Jean-Luc de Meyer)
>Hamburg [TraKKtor R3werKK] - Massiv in Mensch
>Plastic Soulmate - Rodney Anonymous (previously unreleased)
>Future Is Mine - Eurasianeyes (previously unreleased)
>Ardent Ex Profvndis - Cenotype (previously unreleased)
>Tlulaxa Flesh Merchant - Stoneburner (previously unreleased)
>Halation - Am. Psych (previously unreleased)
>Nightlife [Fear in Motion Edit] - Blutengel
>Escape Velocity - Ashbury Heights (previously unreleased)
>Darkness [Out Out Remix] - Ego Likeness (remix)
>Into Your Girl - (previously unreleased)
>Hollywood Sunrise - Blownload (previously unreleased)
>How This Felt - Nolongerhuman (previously unreleased)
>Malediction [Save Your Prayers Mix] - Shiv-R (remix)
>Above the Sun [Augmented Club Mix] - Formalin (remix)
>Speechless - Red Lokust (previously unreleased)
>Coping Mechanisms [All Payne No Gain Edit]
>Bravery - Coldkill (previously unreleased)
>Climb to the Unknown - Am Tierpark (previously unreleased)
>Stormfront [All Hallows Mix] - Inertia (remix)
>Perfect Patient - (previously unreleased)
>Impossible [Remix] - Neuroactive (remix)
>No Salvation [Restriction 9 Remix] - Solitary Experiments (remix)
>Everybody Loves You - Go Fight (previously unreleased)
>My Promise - Interface (previously unreleased)
>12345 [Stoneburner Remix] - Tim Skold (remix)
>Disease - Insight 23/Cancerface (previously unreleased)
>Never Let the Night Fall - Null Device (previously unreleased)
>Burning Bridge [Exclusive Extended Mix], The - Noir (remix)
>Beatlock - Seeming (previously unreleased)
>Marionette - Spider Lilies (previously unreleased)
>What Kind of Friend? [Republica Balkan Boogie Mix] - Tenek (remix)
>Dressed Inside Your Fear [Sekul Mix] - Dope Stars, Inc. (remix)
>Going Down [Interlace Remix] - Seven Trees (remix)
>So Pretty - Exageist (previously unreleased)
>Face Them All [Dance Mix] - Iioioioii (remix)
>Sacred Scars [Deep Cut Version] - Caustic
>Falling Far (Below Zero) - Primitive Race
>Violent Skin - Cervello Elettronico (previously unreleased, featuring Claus Larsen)
>Rivers [Persistence Mix] - Black Volition (remix)
>DFTD - I:Scintilla (previously unreleased)
>Out of Line - Massive Ego (previously unreleased)
>Limb From Limb - Encephalon (previously unreleased)
>Sound Surfing [Encoder Remix] - Pat Berdysz/Cable & Berdysz (remix, featuring Tom Shear)
>Soundwave - The Rain Within (previously unreleased)
>Get Back [Deathproof Remix] - Information Society (remix)
>Dagger Doll [FCH's Super Club Remix] - Electrovot (remix)
>Hunger - Bella Morte/Andy Deane/Tony Lechmanski (previously unreleased)
>All the Things You Say [Alternative Version] - Solar Fake
>Code-thulhu [Remix by Obszön Geschöpf] - Hardcore Pong (remix)
>Letting Go [Rool Remix] - Psy'aviah (remix)
>Memory - (previously unreleased)
>Downtown China [Mr. Kitty Remix] - Hypefactor (remix)
>Ride the Whip - (previously unreleased)
>How to Destroy a Planet [Agro Mix] - Decoded Feedback (remix)
>2 Sides - Mike Welch/Slave Unit (previously unreleased)
>Can You Be Trusted? - Leæther Strip (previously unreleased)

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Merle Gallentine.

Recording information: Mindswerve Studios, NYC (08/1994); Oakland (08/1994); Renegade Robot Studios, Pittsburgh (08/1994); Sound house Studios, Seattle, WA (08/1994); Studio X, Seattle (08/1994); Mindswerve Studios, NYC (2015); Oakland (2015); Renegade Robot Studios, Pittsburgh (2015); Sound house Studios, Seattle, WA (2015); Studio X, Seattle (2015).

Illustrator: Jeff Confer.


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