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Analog Brothers: Pimp to Eat [PA] [Blister]

Track List

>Analog Brothers Intro
>Analog Technics - (featuring Odd Oberhiem)
>More Freaks
>2005 - (featuring Odd Oberhiem)
>So Bad
>Analog Annihilator vs. Silver Surfer
>Perms, Baldheads, Afros & Dreds
>Who Wanna Be Down - (featuring Rhyme Syndicate)
>Country Girl
>War - (featuring H-Bomb/DJ Cisco)
>Double Back
>We Sleep Days - (featuring Jacky Jasper)
>Bionic Oldsmobile
>Shut Down Show - (featuring Synth-a-Size Sisters)
>Once I Get It - (featuring Teflon)
>Analog Outro

Album Reviews:

Muzik (11/00, p.84) - 3 out of 5 - "...14 tracks created on archaic synthesizers and spattered with gobby showmanship which owes much to George Clinton's mad concept albums..."

Album Notes

Analog Brothers: Ice-T, Kool Keith, Sir Menelik, Black Silver, Pimp Rex.

Personnel: Mark Live (vocals, violin, drums); Kool Keith (vocals, strings); Ice-T, Pimp Rex (vocals, keyboards, drums); Black Silver (vocals, synthesizer, bell).

Five personalities spit game and talk mess in humorous and fantastic fashion on Pimp to Eat. Deeply synthed 808 and 909 kicks power these retro godfathers' boasts, stories, and pimp/pop-culture laden non sequiturs. Keith Korg aka Kool Keith steals the show; no one ever quite sounds as bugged out or charismatic. The others generally follow Keith's non-linear abstract route, the exception being Ice Oscillator aka Ice-T. Ice plays the thugged-out pimp a little too well, his persona noticeably aggressive and misogynistic. Everyone does their part, though, in executing this conceptually creative and brilliant album -- check out the Analog Brothers-under-attack epic "War" and the futuristic players ball "Perms, Baldheads, Afro's, and Dred's" for prime examples. If the Brothers take a while to sink in lyrically, the music is fortunately consistent and engaging, darkly funkdafied with seriously programmed stop/start grooves. Pimp to Eat comes together like a great Marvel Comics supervillian crossover -- make way for the retro pimps from the future. ~ Matthew Kantor


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