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50 Foot Wave: Bath White [EP] [Slipcase] *

Track List

>Bath White
>God's Not a Dick
>Ratted Out
>St. Christopher
>Sun Salute

Album Notes

Kristin Hersh's post-Throwing Muses outfit 50 Foot Wave seem to thrive on the EP format, having released about half-a-dozen of them since forming in 2003. The group continue to be a vehicle for Hersh's more aggressive, harder-edged songs in stark contrast to her solo material, which often tends to be softer, acoustic, and more confessional. It makes sense that 50 Foot Wave would periodically vent out frustrated missives every few years when they have something to say, rather than feel obligated to go through the cycle of making albums on a regular basis. There's no way to schedule the bursts of inspiration and creativity that they channel with their music. When the songs do emerge, they're twisted, angular, and barbed, switching moods and time signatures frequently and showcasing Hersh's vocals and lyrics at their most acerbic. The excellently titled "God's Not a Dick" starts out sunny and almost funky, but Hersh hides "two black eyes behind sunglasses," and the song switches into a chaotic yet dreamy section. The calmly accusatory "Ratted Out" is one of the EP's calmer moments. Other tracks lash out with frantic, tricky rhythms and scorching guitars. "Sun Salute" is a two-minute roller coaster ride, switching effortlessly from chaotic bashing to pastoral introspection within seconds. "St. Christopher" beings with a vaguely Neu!-sounding bit before launching into a fast, galloping rhythm, often pausing to breathe before diving back into high speed. Hersh's lyrics seem to question religion, and include the phrase "Christ on a cracker." The EP is another exhilarating rush that fits in perfectly with the rest of their discography. ~ Paul Simpson


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