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The Monkees: Instant Replay [Deluxe Edition]

Track List

>Through The Looking Glass
>Don't Listen To Linda (LP Version)
>I Won't Be The Same Without Her
>Just A Game (LP Version)
>Me Without You (LP Version)
>Don't Wait For Me (LP Version)
>You And I [Instant Replay Album Version]
>While I Cry
>Tear Drop City
>Girl I Left Behind Me, The (LP Version)
>A Man Without A Dream
>Shorty Blackwell
>Someday Man
>Carlisle Wheeling (Alternate Stereo Mix)
>Mommy And Daddy (Stereo Mix)
>Look Down
>If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again (LP Version)
>Me Without You (Alternate Stereo Mix)
>Nine Times Blue
>Shorty Blackwell (Alternate Stereo Mix)
>St. Matthew (LP Version)
>Some Of Shelley's Blues (1968 Stereo Mix)
>Hollywood (1968 Stereo Mix)
>Don't Wait For Me (1968 Stereo Mix)
>Propiniquity (I've Just Begun to Care) [1968 Stereo Mix]
>Crippled Lion, The (1968 Stereo Mix)
>How Insensitive
>Through The Looking Glass (1969 Mono Mix)
>Don't Listen To Linda [1968 Mono Mix]
>I Won't Be The Same Without Her (1966 Mono Mix)
>Just A Game (Alternate Vocal - Mono Mix)
>Me Without You (Fuzz Guitar Version - Mono Mix)
>Don't Wait For Me (Mono Mix)
>You And I (Mono Mix)
>While I Cry (UK Mono Mix)
>Tear Drop City (Mono Promo Single Mix)
>A Man Without A Dream (Mono Promo Single Mix)
>Someday Man (1969 Mono Mix)
>Hollywood (Mono Mix)
>Mommy And Daddy (1968 Mono Mix)
>You And I (1968 Rough Mix)
>Carlisle Wheeling (Alternate Vocal - 1969 Mono Mix)
>Rosemarie (1969 Mono Mix)
>Changes (1968 Mono Mix)
>Good Clean Fun (Mono Mix)
>Through The Looking Glass (Fuzz Guitar Version - Mono Mix)
>All The Grey Haired Men (Mono Backing Track)
>War Games (1968 Mono Mix)
>Propiniquity (I've Just Begun To Care) [Mono Mix]
>My Share Of The Sidewalk (Version 2 - Mono Backing Track)
>Party (Mono Mix)
>Crippled Lion, The (Mono Mix)
>If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again (Mono Backing Track)
>Some Of Shelly's Blues (1968 Mono Mix)
>Smile (1968 Mono Mix)
>Nine Times Blue (Mono Mix)
>Through The Looking Glass (Backing Track - Take 11)
>Don't Listen To Linda (Backing Track - Takes 1-3)
>I Won't Be The Same Without Her (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Carlisle Wheeling (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Nine Times Blues (Backing Track - Take 6)
>Look Down (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Just A Game (Backing Track - Takes 1-2)
>You And I (Backing Track - Take 1)
>That's What It's Like Loving You (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Smile (Backing Track - Take 1)
>A Man Without A Dream (Backing Track - Take 1)
>A Man Without A Dream (Alternate Vocal - Take 14)
>Someday Man (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Someday Man (Alternate Mix)
>(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love [1968 Backing Track - Take 12]
>I Go Ape (Backing Track - Take 10)
>Wind Up Man (Backing Track - Take 1)
>String For My Kite (Version 1 Backing Track - Take 1))
>Naked Persimmon (Backing Track - Take 1)
>Goldie Locks Sometime (Backing Track - Take 4)
>String For My Kite (Version 2 Backing Track - Take 1)
>Darwin (Backing Track - Take 2)
>St. Matthew (Alternate Vocal)
>Don't Wait Fo Me (Alternate Stereo Mix)
>Rosemarie (Alternate Stereo Mix)
>(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love [1968 Version]
>Naked Persimmon
>Goldie Locks Sometimes
>I Go Ape
>I Go Ape (Acetate Version)
>(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love [Acetate Version]

Album Notes

The Monkees: Davey Jones, Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz.

Reissue producers: Andrew Sandoval, Bill Inglot.

Includes liner notes by Andrew Sandoval.

The year 1969 was a tough one for the Monkees. Their TV show was long canceled, their special 33? Revolutions Per Monkee was kind of a disaster (running up against the Academy Awards), and Peter Tork left the band. Despite all this, Instant Replay, the album they released in February of 1969, is actually quite good. Made up of a couple older songs they dug out of the vaults and newly recorded tracks done separately by each member, there are moments of pop brilliance sprinkled throughout and each of the remaining Monkees truly shines (some more brightly or oddly than the others). The old songs are perfectly Monkees-sounding; "Tear Drop City" was written by old friends Boyce & Hart and rocks like the "Last Train to Clarksville" knockoff it is, and "I Won't Be the Same Without Her" is the kind of melancholy Goffin & King ballad Nesmith was always able to knock out of the park. Of the songs done by individual Monkees, they break down along more or less predictable lines. Nesmith's two songs are strong country-rock ballads; "Don't Wait for Me" gently rollicks along and "While I Cry" has one of Mike's tenderest vocals. Micky's two are weird and musically scattered, but impressive all the same; "Just a Game" is a tightly wound song that sounds like one of Davy's showstoppers with its guts ripped out, while "Shorty Blackwell" is harder to describe and hearing it makes you wish Micky had really dedicated himself to music after the Monkees split. If he could have cranked out a whole album as "Broadway on acid" as this, it would have been amazing. Davy's songs played to his strengths but showed some artistic growth too. Yeah, he was reliably sappy ("Don't Listen to Linda") and happily bouncy ("Me Without You"), but he also showed an impressively adult side on Goffin & King's sophisticated ballad "Man Without a Dream" and, with the help of Neil Young (!) on guitar, rocked very hard on a very tough-sounding "You and I." When you add up the catchy pop tunes, the weirdness, the heartfelt emotion, and the overall sound of the record, it stands with the group's best work. Too bad it was ignored at the time and the band quickly splintered afterwards. [The bonus tracks added to Rhino's 1995 reissue make the album even more impressive. The non-album single "Someday Man" is one of Davy's best songs; he gives the Paul Williams-penned track a healthy dose of bravado and style. The rest are outtakes and alternate versions, including a spare take of Nesmith's classic psych-country "Carlisle Wheeling."] ~ Tim Sendra


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