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Ruggero Leoncavallo (1857-1919): Zazà / Ermonela Jaho, Stephen Gartner, Riccardo Massi, Patricia Bardon, Kathryn Rudge, Fflur Wyn, Simon Thorpe, Nicky Spence, Christopher Turner, Julia Ferri

Audio Samples

  1. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Introduzione $0.99 on iTunes
  2. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Brava! Brava! $0.99 on iTunes
  3. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Stasera sono in voce! $0.99 on iTunes
  4. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Salute, ragazzi $0.99 on iTunes
  5. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Buona sera, mia Zazà! $0.99 on iTunes
  6. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Lo sai tu che vuol dire un uom che fugge $0.99 on iTunes
  7. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Tu sei buona $0.99 on iTunes
  8. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Augusto, buona sera! $0.99 on iTunes
  9. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Ah! Ah! Ahi, la, la! $0.99 on iTunes
  10. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Ebben, Zazà? $0.99 on iTunes
  11. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Un uomo sol restavaci $0.99 on iTunes
  12. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Dufresne, contarvene voglio una bella $0.99 on iTunes
  13. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: È un riso gentile $0.99 on iTunes
  14. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Allor tutto va bene! $0.99 on iTunes
  15. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Non so capir perché se m’ami tu $0.99 on iTunes
  16. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Ma bravi! Che delizia! $0.99 on iTunes
  17. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Signore, entrate $0.99 on iTunes
  18. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Ripetiamo... ma prima vo’ cambiar veste $0.99 on iTunes
  19. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Vi duole? $0.99 on iTunes
  20. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: Su Zazà! $0.99 on iTunes
  21. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act I: A te, Cascart... $0.99 on iTunes
  22. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: È deciso: tu parti per questo gran viaggio? $0.99 on iTunes
  23. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Zazà, Zazà, non ti attristare $0.99 on iTunes
  24. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Or tempo e baci per guadagnare $0.99 on iTunes
  25. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Fa presto, Natalia! $0.99 on iTunes
  26. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Ecco gli stivaletti, signora... $0.99 on iTunes
  27. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Zazà!... $0.99 on iTunes
  28. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Ehm! Ehm! $0.99 on iTunes
  29. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Ah, ah, ah! Che quadretto!’ $0.99 on iTunes
  30. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Cascart, mio camerata $0.99 on iTunes
  31. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: Buona Zazà $0.99 on iTunes
  32. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act II: A Parigi una sera $0.99 on iTunes
  33. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Ah! Perche soletta sei laggiù? $0.99 on iTunes
  34. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: O mio piccolo tavolo $0.99 on iTunes
  35. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Ecomi pronta, Milio... $0.99 on iTunes
  36. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Lei dunque è la signora Dunoyer? $0.99 on iTunes
  37. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Qual turbamento! $0.99 on iTunes
  38. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Signora, buona signora $0.99 on iTunes
  39. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Signorina, vi abbiamo spaurita? $0.99 on iTunes
  40. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: Mamma usciva di casa $0.99 on iTunes
  41. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: È nita! $0.99 on iTunes
  42. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act III: È mammà $0.99 on iTunes
  43. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Così, nessuna nuova? $0.99 on iTunes
  44. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Figliuola mia! $0.99 on iTunes
  45. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Zazà, piccola zingara $0.99 on iTunes
  46. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Che?... Non vorresti farlo? $0.99 on iTunes
  47. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Per buona sorte tutto è a suo posto... $0.99 on iTunes
  48. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Che notizie mi porti da Parigi? $0.99 on iTunes
  49. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Ebbene si, so tutto! $0.99 on iTunes
  50. Leoncavallo — Zazà, Act IV: Zazà, tu mi rimproveri $0.99 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Leoncavallo, Ruggero : Zazà, opera
Performers Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

Leoncavallo's Zaz is based on the hit play of the same name by Pierre Breton and Charles Simon. They story centers around Zaz, a Parisian music hall singer, and it traces the collapse of her relationship after she discovers her lover is married. Featuring infectious dance tunes and colorful orchestration, it is a far cry from the harsh, low-life realism of Leoncavallo's Pagliacci. Yet, where the composer's first opera remains one of the most performed operatic works today, Zaz has all but fallen out of the repertory - despite several film adaptations including a 1923 version starring Gloria Swanson. Opera Rara's revival of Zaz is based on Leoncavallo's own 1919 revision of his score which has been carefully researched by Italian opera specialist, Maurizio Benini. He leads the BBC Symphony Orchestra in their third collaboration with Opera Rara. Taking on the challenging soprano role for the first time is Ermonela Jaho who is joined by Riccardo Massi as her lover Milio, Stephen Gaertner as her onstage partner and former lover Cascart and Patricia Bardon as her mother Anaide.

BBC Music Magazine, July 2016
In this recording of the composer's revised 1919 version of the accomplished score, conductor Maurizio Benini brings a light touch to his micro-management of BBC forces. Ermonela Jaho offers full emotional commitment, seizing the title role's considerable opportunities. She's finely partnered by Riccardo Massi as the duplicitous Milio, with Stephen Gaertner focused as her worldly-wise stage-partner Cascart.

Gramophone Magazine, July 2016
[Jaho's voice] captures the character's emotions powerfully... Massi sings with wonderful, old-school charm... Gaertner is eloquent and touching as Cascart... Bardon offers a vividly over-the-top performance as Anaide... Benini conducts with an easy feel for the score's shifting moods and the BBC Symphony Orchestra play with real charm and affection. Fascinating, and recommended.

Opera Now, June 2016
[Jaho] surmounts every challenge...In fact, I can't think of another soprano today who suffers with such intensity. Riccardo Massi matches her well as the inevitable cad who ruins it all, and Stephen Gaertner uses his firm baritone to beautiful effect as Cascart...verismo might not be fashionable but it packs a punch, and Zaza is rather wonderful.

Sunday Times, 22nd May 2016
It's a perfect vehicle for Ermonela Jaho...With her impassioned lyricism tempered by a hint of steel, she brings Zaza as vividly to life as she did Puccini's tragic nun...the finest of the other singers is the American baritone Stephen Gaertner, as Zaza's ex and singing partner, Cascart...vividly and idiomatically conducted by Benini.

The Guardian, 9th June 2016
In the concert last autumn, after which this studio recording was made, Ermonela Jaho gave a dazzling performance as Zaza...On disc Jaho is just as good, and Zaza's character comes through vividly... Benini's pacy conducting makes the BBCSO sound stylish and sumptuous.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: BBC Maida Vale Studios, London (11/2015).


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Works Details

>Leoncavallo, Ruggero : Zazà, opera
  • Performers: Patricia Bardon (Mezzo Soprano); Julia Ferri (Voice); Stephen Gaertner (Voice); Ermonela Jaho (Mezzo Soprano); Riccardo Massi (Tenor); Kathryn Rudge (Voice); Nicky Spence (Flute); David Stout (Voice); Simon Thorpe (Baritone); Christopher Turner (Voice); Fflur Wyn (Soprano)
  • Conductor: Maurizio Benini
  • Ensemble: BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • Running Time: 1 min. 59 sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1900