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Morbid Saint: Spectrum of Death [Extended Edition]

Track List

>Lock Up Your Children
>Burned at the Stake
>Crying for Death
>Spectrum of Death
>Beyond the Gates of Hell
>Destruction System [Demo Version]
>Disciples of Discipline [Demo Version]
>Sign of the Times [Demo Version]
>Living Times [Demo Version]
>Destruction System
>Darkness Unseen
>Depth of Sanity
>Disicples of Discipline
>Spectrum of Death, Pt. 2
>Halls of Terror
>Living Misery
>Sign of the Times
>Final Exit
>Death Before Dawn
>Dying Day
>Life's Blood

Album Notes

A very impressive debut from a great band out of Wisconsin, was originally released on a Mexican label in 1988. This quintet plays hardcore speed-metal that sounds like a cross between Kreator and Dark Angel. This is the kind of music that made thrash and speed-metal so good in the '80s, and it doesn't sound dated. ~ John Book


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