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Backslider: Discography 2008-2013

Track List

>Speak Ill of the Dead
>Born Annoyed
>Sobriety in Peril
>Lord's Work, The
>Blue Line
>I Won't Stop Hurting You
>Life Impairment
>Idiot Hymns
>Sterile and Weak
>Mutilated Image
>White Paranoia
>Steady Diet of Vitriol
>Sadistic Sack of Shit
>Marrow Turns to Dust/Shallow Victory
>Jerusalem Syndrome
>Harsh Negativity
>Glutton for Punishment
>Lies and Bullshit
>Half-Ass Disguise
>Dull Blade
>Fractionally Factual
>Legacy of Wrongful Life
>Gender Commodity
>Failed Attempts at Empathy
>Predictable Epitaph
>Some Kind of Moron
>Predatory Courtship
>Dipshit Demographic
>Sadistic Sack of Shit
>Nothing to Say
>Vigilante Justice
>Face Reality
>Blank Expression
>Illusion of Sincerity
>What a Waste
>Can't Step
>Your Turn
>Jealousy and Resentment
>Total Disappointment
>Squatter Stomper
>Brutal/Self Inflicted Stereotype
>Bullshit Logic
>Exposed Motives
>Standing in Line
>No Affiliation
>Circular Thought Process

Album Notes

Recording information: Developing Nations; Exeter Studios.

Photographer: Dante Torrieri.


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