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Psy'aviah: Seven Sorrows Seven Stars

Track List

>Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars
>Alcubierre Drive - (featuring Kyoko Baertsoen)
>Face to Face - (featuring Roeland Van Der Velde)
>Looking Back - (featuring David Chamberlin)
>Lessons From the Past - (featuring Mari Kattman)
>From Another World - (featuring Bernard Feron)
>Never Look Back - (featuring Ellia Bisker)
>Opia - (featuring Pieter Van Vaerenbergh)
>Frozen - (featuring Andrew Galucki)
>Liberosis - (featuring Alvin River)
>Peace Paradox
>Not What I Expected - (featuring Fallon Nieves)
>Stronger - (featuring Addie Nicole)
>Wild Ride - (featuring Miss FD)
>Starstruck - (featuring Diana S.)


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