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Crosby, Stills & Nash: CSN

Album Notes

Arguably the last great Crosby Stills and Nash album, CSN was recorded before drugs and interpersonal squabbles wreaked irreparable damage to the group. This creative swan song is probably the trio's darkest, most introspective record, full of soul-searching ballads that detail the questions these men were asking themselves and each other about their lives at the time.

In true democratic fashion, all three members are well-represented by their contributions here. Nash provides one of his most memorable tunes, the elliptical minor-key ballad "Just A Song Before I Go," which contributes nicely to the moody feel of the record. Stills' "Fair Game" is an effective, Latin-tinged song about rejection and revenge. Crosby is at his best on the piano-based "Anything At All," a darkly humorous tune full of self-doubt and self-effacement, all the more poignant for its naked honesty.


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