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Davy Jones/Micky Dolenz: Harry Nilsson's The Point [Original Cast Recording]

Track List

>Point: Overture, The
>Point: Everything's Got 'Em, The
>Point: Me and My Arrow, The - (with Davy Jones)
>Point: Poli High, The
>Point: Remember, The - (with Veronica Clifford)
>Point: To Be a King, The
>Point: He's Leaving Here This Morning, The (Bath) - (with Micky Dolenz)
>Point: Think About Your Troubles, The
>Point: Blanket for a Sail, The - (with Davy Jones)
>Point: Life Line, The - (with Davy Jones)
>Point: Thursday, The (Here's Why I Did Not Go to Work Today) - (with Felix Rice)
>Point: It's a Jungle Out There, The - (with Micky Dolenz)
>Point: P.O.V. Waltz, The
>Point: Are You Sleeping?, The
>Point: Gotta Get Up, The - (with Davy Jones/Micky Dolenz)
>Point: Reprise Overture, The

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Larry Watts.

Director: Colin Bennett.

Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz had a longstanding relationship with Harry Nilsson, dating back to when the young songwriter was just one among thousands looking to get a break in the music biz during the mid-'60s. Thanks to the Monkees' help, Nilsson did get his start and it only seemed natural that both former Monkees would be cast in a mid-'70s London production of The Point! Fresh off their work with Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, the two ex-Monkees headed to London and joined the cast of the play. Jones played the lead character of Oblio, and Dolenz had a dual role of Leaf Man and the Son of the Count, a part created for this production so he and Jones would have more on-stage time together. The production ran for 11 weeks, drawing mild critical praise and just enough popularity to warrant a cast recording album. Since it's from the late '70s, the music strays a bit from the original sunshine pop version of The Point! and dips a toe into disco and hard rock, but the singers are all strong and, of course, the melodies are beautiful and quirkily sweet. Jones does a fine job as Oblio, drawing out the emotion and pathos inherent in the role, while investing it with his usual jaunty charm. Dolenz shines as one would expect, bringing madcap energy to his big number, "It's a Jungle Out There," and teaming with Jones to create some Monkee magic on the showstopping "Gotta Get Up." This version of The Point! may not be the best one out there -- Nilsson's original is the champ on that count -- but it still shows off Harry for the genius he was and serves as a nice treat for Monkees fanatics to add to their want lists. ~ Tim Sendra


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