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The Boy Will Drown: Fetish

Album Reviews:

CMJ - "Their debut is guaranteed to impress....Guitarist Liam Keeler and bassist James Bates lay down jaw-dropping riffs that are perfectly in sync with each other."

Album Notes

Despite their innocently angelic faces, this young foursome are not to be trifled with. Their music matches the unparalleled brutality of grindcore with an astounding technicality on par with the top American math metal bands, while their song titles (most obviously opening number "Deep Throat") promise overt sexuality in keeping with their debut album's title, FETISH, but deliver horrific and violent perversions of the same, seemingly derived from a serial killer's warped point of view. For example: the horrific case of father Josef and daughter Elisabeth Fritzl (where the former kept the latter captive for 20 years of sexual abuse) is granted two horrific songs here, both filled with incredibly disturbing lyrics; and additional cuts like "Irminsul" and "Dead Girls (Don't Say No)" follow close behind in terms of provocative creepiness. The band also embarks on more traditional areas of metallic nihilism, as well, though, and it must be said that the sheer complexity of their musical logarithms -- not to mention the fury with which they are projected -- ultimately ensures that listeners are left bloodied, beaten, and disoriented in their wake, but thankfully not quite annihilated. FETISH is certainly never dull, that's for sure, even if only a very limited selection of extreme metal enthusiasts will be able to withstand its fearsome onslaught, or make heads or tail of its Byzantine complexities.


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