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Der Weise Panda (Double Moon Records): Mam

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

The band around singer Maika Kuster, pianist Simon Seeberger, bassist yannik Tiemann and drummer Jo Beyer can best be understood if you throw all intellectual ballast overboard and let yourself be completely guided by your instincts. The music of the "wise panda" makes demands and touches you, it develops an idiosyncratic dynamic that you first have to understand and accept to be drawn into its powerful vortex. "Der Weise Panda" enchants thanks to an unusually high degree of technical maturity, but which never becomes an end in itself. Maika's voice floats somewhere between heaven and earth and jumps to and fro without warning between English and German. She improvises in the best sense of the word in that she lets a first-class listening experience evolve from a simple number such as "Mond" together with her fellow band musicians. "Each of us composes her or his own pieces, and everyone contributes new ideas."


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